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Knowledge Management

High quality service provision is to some extent dependent on the skills of the employees involved in delivering these services. Employees that understand the respective needs of clients and can deliver those requirements are an excellent asset for any company to have.

For a business to provide high-quality services, they have to ensure that their employees have the capabilities and skills to comprehend situations and act accordingly.  The goal of Knowledge Management is to improve the quality of decision-making.  This means that accurate information must get to the right person in a timely manner so that person can make an informed decision.

The essential components of Knowledge Management are data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. Data is non-interpreted basic facts. Data is converted into information once it has been interpreted and analyzed. Information can be converted into knowledge by applying internal or external experiences and ideas to the interpreted data. Wisdom is knowledge that is acquired over time and garnered through experience. This allows management to make sound judgments and wise decisions.

Knowledge Management helps improve efficiency by reducing the need to rediscover knowledge. Technical knowledge that has already been discerned must be made accessible to all participating employees involved with delivering the service.  This can be done with the help of a Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS).  The SKMS is a set of tools and databases that store, administer, update, organize, and communicate all the information that an IT service provider needs to manage their IT services.  The SKMS is used to improve the quality of the decisions that are made in an organization by ensuring that accurate, reliable and trustworthy information is readily available throughout the Service Lifecycle.

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