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Keeping Consumers Entertained by Implementing ITIL® Training

ITIL Training for Entertainment IndustryBeing in the entertainment business doesn’t exempt you from needing to perform highly technical work. For instance, movie studios embark on complicated stage tasks that require automated lighting and A/V data routing, and broadcast organizations routinely create extensive digital distribution networks.

Almost without fail, modern entertainment firms that want to reach out to their consumers require serious IT solutions, and they can’t afford to rely on hacked-together measures. ITSM frameworks like ITIL® have proven vital to today’s entertainment industry.

Inefficiencies Can Ruin Projects

Why can’t an entertainment company simply implement an IT service or project in a casual fashion? In many cases, the sheer scale of such endeavors makes it impossible to take a lax approach.

When you’re trying to reach millions of viewers, gamers or other customers, tiny delays matter. If the speed of your streaming content isn’t optimized for a superior user experience or your game servers buckle under the weight of hundreds of players, you can bet that people won’t stick around for long.

Without an effective framework, building tech solutions like digital media networks and server farms is project suicide. You’ll lack the basic means to correct or even analyze problems if you don’t start from some reference point.

Tracking Your Distributed Projects

ITSM frameworks like ITIL do more than just improve the way we deliver content from an in-house perspective. They also enable firms to keep tabs on how their partners utilize their fiscal allotments and implement viable organizational standards.

Ideally, entertainment firms and content publishers like to focus on actually creating content. In many cases, they leave the technical aspects of distribution up to other firms. Though common, such practices don’t excuse you from the responsibility to implement accurate oversight.

ITIL is designed to bridge the gap between business concerns, like budgets and deliverable timetables, and the actual technical reality of creating, maintaining and updating an IT service. As such, it provides allowances for vital metrics that content generators can use to monitor how their ROI is developed and make appropriate changes as necessary.

Even if you’ve assigned the network distribution or server maintenance to a third party, ITIL makes it easy to implement feedback mechanisms that translate into business information and facilitate knowledgeable decision making.

Who Uses ITIL?

ITIL isn’t new to the entertainment industry. Recent IT job listings posted by movie studios like Paramount routinely seek applicants who have some kind of ITIL certification, hoping to cash in on the benefits.

ITIL-qualified employees are even called upon to set up massive server farms and networks for Pixar and other companies that thrive on abundant distributed computing power and efficient resource usage.

With decades of experience training firms like EA and Disney how to implement improved IT services through ITIL, Ashford Global IT consultants have what it takes to help you create a more versatile workforce. Contact them today to discover how you can improve the way your organization employs essential technology.


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