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ITIL® Virtual Training For Certification Success

A virtual training program is a highly structured online course. Distinct from the typical self-paced courses, virtual training takes place at scheduled times with a live instructor via an online environment.

Using chat windows, students can converse with other students and their instructor, and so are able to ask questions and volunteer answers and experiences. This fosters a true classroom environment using an online venue and keeps professionals engaged and involved. It is a perfect training option for businesses wanting to provide ITIL Certification training to its employees.

Why is Virtual Training Appropriate for ITIL®?

ITIL® is a vital set of services for a mature IT environment, but requires a heavy course load during early and intermediate certification stages. ITIL virtual training provides many unique benefits to a company seeking to certify one or more staffers in the important ITIL Service Management disciplines.

Here are a few of those benefits:

  • Structure – The classes take place at set times, so employees cannot let them slide, which can happen with procrastinators and self-paced courses. The fixed schedule keeps students on track and gives them time to digest and comprehend material between sessions.
  • Convenience – No travel is required and employees can learn at their desks, if appropriate. When several employees take the same course, they can be set up in a conference or training room to give them a more isolated classroom environment.
  • Immediate Assistance – Rather than passively receiving information, students actively participate in the learning experience and can ask questions of classmates or the instructor if they need help. If several employees take a course simultaneously, they have the chance to engage live and assist one another while the material is fresh.
  • Shared Experience – ITIL material, though very important, can be dry and complex. Real-life stories from those who have experience with implementation and operation of service disciplines make a valuable bridge from the abstract to the concrete. Virtual training enables students to share actual experiences and benefit from each others’ mistakes and successes.
  • Savings – ITIL Expert Certification requires a total of 22 credits, or between 6 and 10 separate classes. Between airfare, lodging, and meals, offsite classes could require significant travel-related expense.
  • Certification – A natural result of classroom success is the appropriate certification exam. Whenver possible, use a class which includes the exam to maximize the value of your training dollar.

Employers And Employees Benefit From The ITIL Qualifications Structure

The ITIL Qualifications Structure is very course-heavy in the first two tiers, Foundation and Intermediate. It’s important that students understand the theory and how to put it into practice in order to make a real impact in their workplace.

The ITIL Virtual Training program, with its convenient, engaging environment and guaranteed certification, maximizes the chance of employee success.

Ashford Global IT (AGIT) is a leading provider of IT training programs and provides businesses with several different training formats. AGIT’s online virtual training courses go further than most other programs by offering the ITIL Success Guarantee.  Contact Ashford Global IT today to discuss your ITIL or other IT training needs.

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