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ITIL® V3 Service Offerings & Agreements

Close-up of two businessmen shaking hands“If V2 taught us how to walk, V3 teaches us to run.” An IT Manager posted this statement as part of the review he gave after ITIL® V3 was released.

As part of the ITIL V3 Intermediate Capability stream, the ITIL V3 Service Offerings & Agreements (SOA) Certification course teaches IT professionals and business managers the key processes required to create a stable IT environment. By earning the ITIL V3 SOA Certificate, you will have an in-depth view of the key processes and documents needed to support Service Offerings and Agreements like:

  • Service Management: A set of organizational capabilities which attempt to provide value to customers in the form of services.
  • Service Level Management: This process analyzes and explains Service Offerings so as to adjust services to match the needs of customers in relation to service costs. This process also negotiates Service Level Agreements.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): A set of standards on how the Service Offerings will be provided.  This includes availability and performance metrics.
  • Organizational Level Agreement (OLA): The primary purpose of an OLA is to ensure that a consistent level of service is provided to customers.
  • Service Portfolio Management: This process manages the Service Portfolio which contains information about IT services from concept through implementation and production to retirement.
  • Demand Management: Patterns of business activity are identified to allow the appropriate strategy to be implemented.
  • Financial Management: A strategic process that allows IT to generate service-based costing that, combined with perceived value for the service, results in a real, business-based price.

Aside from these, you will learn technological and implemental considerations for the key processes, the impact Service Offerings and Agreements has on other processes, such as Incident and Change Management, and the challenges, critical success factors, and risks associated with ITIL V3 Service Offerings and Agreements.

To help you prepare for the ITIL V3 Service Offerings and Agreements Certification exam, you should enroll in a training course. At Ashford Global IT (AGIT), the ITIL V3 SOA Certification course includes a mixture of lecture and scenario-based team and individual activities and exercises to help participants learn the objectives of the course, which include:

  • Understanding the importance of Service Management as a practice
  • Comprehending the principals, purpose and objective of Service Operation
  • Answering why ITIL Service Offerings and Agreements are important for IT professionals when they provide services
  • Discovering how the processes of SOA interact with other Service Lifecycle processes
  • Learning how to measure ITIL Service Offerings and Agreements

Aside from that, Ashford Global IT will provide you with sample test questions to help you prepare for the exam. The ITIL V3 Service Offerings & Agreements Certification exam consists of 8 multiple choice scenario-based questions. Each question will have 4 possible answer options: the best choice is worth 5 marks, the second best choice is worth 3 marks, a not so good choice is worth 1 mark, and one distracter achieves no marks.

At Ashford Global IT, you can rest assured that success will be yours. With skilled instructors guiding you throughout the certification course, you are guaranteed a passing mark at the very least.

For more information regarding ITIL training, please contact Ashford Global IT.

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