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ITIL® V3 – General Info and Benefits

ITIL Certifications For ITAmong the various IT Service Management methodologies available, the IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) is the most commonly used approach in the world. ITIL provides organizations with a comprehensive set of policies, concepts, tasks, checklists, and guidelines essential for managing its IT infrastructure.

This framework includes various measurements that can help a company assess all aspects of its IT performance as well as demonstrate its compliance with certain regulations. The basic principal behind ITIL is that a company’s IT strategy and business plan need to be aligned so that the company can perform at its highest level.

Framework of ITIL

ITIL V3 2011 is the most recent revision of this framework and takes a Lifecycle approach to providing IT Service Management. There are five stages in the Service Lifecycle: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement.

There are numerous reasons to implement the IT Infrastructure Library in an organization, and doing so will provide a wide range of benefits to any company that does so. These include reduced costs throughout most areas of the business, a drastically improved level of IT efficiency, and increased employee productivity. Customer satisfaction reaches higher levels due to the focus placed on personal interaction. An increase in the effectiveness of any third party services used will likely occur, as will the overall skills and experience levels of the company’s workforce, especially those directly impacted by ITIL.

Scores of companies including NASA, Disney, and HSBC Bank have all adopted the IT Infrastructure Library with great success. Whether your company lacks an overall IT plan or already has one in place that just doesn’t seem to be as effective as it should be, ITIL V3 is without question the best way to develop your company’s IT Service Management. The initial cost is an investment in your company’s future and one that will help lead it forward.

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