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ITIL® V3 Foundation – Instructor-Led Virtual Training

Business EducationWith the increasing use of IT in organizations these days, the introduction of ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library®) has proven to be quite useful. ITIL has defined a set of best practices which can simplify IT Service Management (ITSM) as well as make it more cost-effective. This information is contained in a series of books and manuals. ITIL has also evolved with time due to constant changes in IT practices. The latest of all the versions is ITIL V3. This version has four levels, which are the Foundation level, the Intermediate level, the Expert level, and the Master level. As one rises in these levels, he or she will acquire more in-depth knowledge about ITIL.

Yet, before you start aspiring to become a fully accredited individual, you will have to start at the very beginning. You will need to enroll in an ITIL V3 Foundation course. Only once you have successfully passed this training course’s certification exam can you pursue other certification courses in ITIL. The ITIL V3 Foundation course introduces learners to the basics of ITIL, thus providing learners with an awareness of the overall framework of ITIL and the fundamentals of IT practices.

Ashford Global IT (AGIT) has always been there for students who are interested in getting their ITIL Certifications. It is a reputable institution that has yielded successful results in the past. Students have always been AGIT’s first priority, a fact quite visible in the institute’s latest training package. For those whose time doesn’t allow them the chance to be part of the classroom setting in conventional ITIL V3 Foundation training courses, Ashford Global IT brings forward its own instructor-led virtual ITIL V3 Foundation training program.

This online training program is of great help and value to those who work full-time and can’t afford to take time off from their busy schedules to attend classes on a regular basis. With the institute’s virtual training program, you can have the institute’s accredited course materials and instructors come to you through a few clicks of a button. The three full-day classroom course has been converted into 5 half-day sessions for the virtual training program to suit the needs of working students.

Students can take these classes with complete ease and trust as there is no compromise on the standards of the virtual training program. The program is led by a professional and experienced instructor. Plus, there are regular online discussions, which make the class highly interactive along with question and answer sessions. These sessions will be available in CHAT mode and will be available off-line as text documents. This way, the discussions and general review will be accessible for all to copy or to reference later on. All these features and more will enhance the scenario-based training as well as provide students with the relevant material they will need to study.

With so much care given to training and empowering students, Ashford Global IT ensures its students of a passing grade at the very least (65% of the total marks). In fact, the institute offers a Success Guarantee which entitles students to numerous things in case they do not pass the ITIL V3 Foundation Certification Exam on their first attempt, such as a voucher for one exam re-take.

To focus on the retention of what is being taught, a student must take the ITIL V3 Foundation Certification Exam within 3 business days after the end of class, and for that, Ashford Global IT will provide its students with test vouchers. With all these great things to offer, Ashford Global IT is, without doubt, the best place for ITIL training.

For more information regarding its online training programs, please contact Ashford Global IT.

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