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ITIL® Training at Ashford Global IT

The practical use of information technology is rapidly increasing among organizations. Soon, IT will be a part of every service, process and product an organization has to offer.


The IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) is a set of best practices for IT Service Management (ITSM) and is the most widely adopted IT framework in the world. This framework can help organizations manage their systems and processes for effective and efficient services and high-quality service delivery. The focus of ITIL is to reduce the resources and costs incurred by an organization and increase the output through efficient use of information technology. Organizations that are using or plan on implementing ITIL will greatly benefit from having their team attend ITIL training programs.

In the flock of many schools and institutions providing ITIL training services, Ashford Global IT (AGIT) has gained recognition and credibility in the eye of customers due to the commitment and quality of training and certifications it offers. As one of the renowned schools worldwide for technical certifications and business courses, Ashford Global IT is a symbol of quality and achievement. The focal point of this article will be on the ITIL courses offered at Ashford Global IT. Other courses and training programs provided by Ashford Global IT focus on the areas of IT security and business skills.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library

The ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme has four levels: Foundation, Intermediate, Expert, and Master.

  • The ITIL Foundation course provides an introduction to ITIL and ITSM. This course offers an overview of the basic disciplines and uses a case study method to depict how ITIL practices can contribute towards achieving efficiency in business functions. The ITIL Foundation Certificate is a prerequisite for entry into the Intermediate Level.
  • The ITIL Intermediate Level has a two prong strategy: the Capability Stream and the Lifecycle Stream.
    • The four modules in the Capability Stream offer a more detailed focus on a series of clustered process activities and how these processes are used throughout the Service Lifecycle.  The four individual certifications are:
      • Operational Support and Analysis
      • Release, Control and Validation
      • Service Offerings and Agreements
      • Planning, Protection and Optimization
    • The five modules in the Lifecycle Stream provide a more holistic approach. These five standalone certifications are:
      • Service Strategy
      • Service Design
      • Service Transition
      • Service Operation
      • Continual Service Improvement
  • The ITIL Expert Qualification is for individuals who will be leading the implementation of ITIL in an organization. These individuals have proven they have an outstanding knowledge of ITIL and all the processes, activities, methods, and concepts involved.
  • The ITIL Master Qualification is for senior-level IT service managers, practitioners, and executives. This level does not have a set curriculum as each candidate decides their own field of study within ITIL.
  • The Certified Program Design Engineer (CPDE) course teaches students how to design, develop, and improve ITSM processes. The CPDE Certificate is recognized as an ITIL Complementary Qualification.

Ashford Global IT also offers an ITIL Awareness course, which gives learners a preface into the world of ITIL.  This is a non-certification course.  Moreover, AGIT presents “ITIL For Executives,” which is a brief webinar on ITIL and the benefits this framework brings to an organization.

Ashford Global IT is an inventive company, catering to the training needs of busy professionals by offering courses when and where a professional desires. AGIT holds open-enrollment courses around the United States, or if you choose to have many of your employees trained, AGIT’s instructors can come to your company’s campus to deliver premier training.  Ashford Global IT also offers virtual instructor-led training in a convenient online environment.

One of the core objectives of Ashford Global IT is to provide the best training opportunities and certification courses to professionals and students at one single place to help them advance in their careers. Besides training sessions when and where you want, all of AGIT’s courses, certifications, and modules are led by skilled and experienced instructors. The knowledge of the instructors and the methods they use to deliver the course material bring the subject matter to life.

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