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ITIL® Services from Start to Finish

IT ServicesInformation Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) Services undergo many changes and major transformations as they progress through the stages of conceptualization, implementation, usage and improvement. By learning about these phases within the ITIL Service Lifecycle framework, firms and their staff gain the ability to make smooth transitions between major milestones and still provide their customers with products that meet their demands.

Comprehensive Tracking and Analysis

One potentially major problem with delivering IT services is the fact that these products don’t always look the same from start to finish. For instance, a consumer-ready service such as a supply-chain catalog may have a completely different appearance from the backend that powers it. Firms that deliver such complex services must invest ample amounts of time to defining and tracking them in an organized fashion, especially if they want to keep their ultimate goals in sight along the way.

The ITIL Service Lifecycle was designed to help firms transition from initial planning stages to delivery and improvement through the use of a customizable framework. In addition to keeping things more organized so that future workplace transitions or staff modifications don’t result in impaired service availability, Lifecycle-based frameworks make it easier to learn from the investments of time, effort and money that go into creating services.

Breaking Services Down

The ITIL Service Lifecycle is divided into five different phases:

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Service Improvement

Although these stages are distinct, they are interdependent. Feedback from one phase can be used to improve another, and firms can choose to adapt later phases based on how things progress early on.

By dividing these processes up, however, organizations gain the ability to implement efficient oversights and stay on track with a greater degree of accuracy. For instance, small companies that might be overwhelmed by the process of creating a large application for a customer can divide the task up stage-by-stage in order to generate better results and make it easier for staff to switch between alternate projects.

Implementing ITIL Services

ITIL Service Lifecycle training is essential to creating and maintaining an IT service using the ITIL framework. Even firms that only employ a limited staff of ITIL Service Managers rely on widespread general knowledge of the overall service lifecycle. This ensures that all of their teams are working towards the same ultimate goal. In order to implement a framework effectively, it’s critical that these organizations possess a solid understanding of the basic building blocks.

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