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ITIL® Intermediate Takes Education to the Next Level

You mIT Servicesay be inclined to give up your professional training after attaining a basic level of understanding. With many qualifications that focus on specific applications and skills, that’s perfectly fine, but with ITIL®, surpassing the bare minimum is worth your time.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of moving on to the ITIL Intermediate level.

Expanded Opportunities for Job Advancement

The ITIL Foundation Certification is a great way to open the door to more advanced job positions and climb the ranks, but it’s just the beginning. Although employers are pleased to hire people who have this general understanding of ITSM concepts, they know they can make better use of employees with even more specialized knowledge. The ITIL Intermediate Level’s inclusion of specific modular fields makes it much easier for trainees to show that they’re devoted to pursuing a particular skill set and learning management techniques.

Management Methodology vs Operational Skills

Another big difference between ITIL and other technology-oriented certifications is that ITIL focuses on a broader family of learning. Intermediate Level proficiencies are tailored towards helping you manage bigger projects and use your skills in a more comprehensive fashion. An ITIL Intermediate Certification gives you the ability to take up the reins of a department and deliver complete IT services, even if you weren’t there at the beginning.

Meshing Intermediate ITIL Certification with Your Career

Many professionals stop pursuing certifications because their careers simply don’t leave much time for additional training. While it’s natural to take breaks as your job demands more of you, it’s also important to resume your professional education whenever you can.

Picking up where you left off isn’t as hard to do with ITIL Intermediate training as it is with some other flavors of certification. Take advantage of the modular nature of the Intermediate Level to increase your skills even as you perform your job duties.

Remember that ITIL stands apart from many other professional certifications and schemes because it builds on itself. While there are many things to learn at all ITIL levels, it’s important to continue what you start and add to your basic training. Earning your ITIL Intermediate qualification lets you increase the number of ways you can develop relevant job skills.


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