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ITIL® Foundation- Why Do You Need ITIL®?

Service sign, Jersey City, New Jersey, USABefore you wonder about what ITIL® V3 Foundation is or why you need an ITIL V3 Foundation Certification, you must properly understand ITIL itself. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a comprehensive series of books and training manuals that define concepts and best practices, which are used in IT development and IT Service Management. The ITIL guidelines and practices help in promoting efficient use of IT within an organization.

ITIL is constantly evolving, yet it is widely used as an industry standard around the world. Thousands of organizations have successfully employed ITIL practices to enhance their IT infrastructure for their advantage. ITIL ensures that IT is incorporated in such a way that it helps in improving the operational processes, thus reducing costs and supporting the growth of overall business. Therefore, there is a wide demand for individuals with a sound understanding of ITIL concepts and practices.

Why You Need ITIL Foundation

ITIL is a multi-layered concept, thus the more levels you reach, the more you will discover about how to effectively manage IT services. ITIL Foundation is the very basic level of ITIL training.  The ITIL Foundation Certificate provides you with a fundamental introduction to the language, terminologies, processes, and standards of ITIL V3. You won’t be able to properly implement ITIL practices within an organization without acquiring this basic knowledge.

What You Will Learn

The ITIL Foundation Certification course explains the processes and functions which take place in an IT department or organization and how different processes collaborate to achieve a business’s aims. After completing the ITIL V3 Foundation Certification course, you will be able to:

  • Properly understand the basic What’s, Why’s, When’s, and How’s of the ITIL V3 framework
  • Understand the benefits of the aforementioned framework
  • Identify the basic principles and core concepts of IT Service Management
  • Understand the potential benefits of implementing ITIL practices within an organization
  • Understand what services, processes, and the Service Lifecycle are
  • Identify activities and roles related to the Service Lifecycle
  • Identify and map relationships among the different components of the Service Lifecycle
  • Identify the negative factors that can affect the Service Lifecycle.

The Focus of the ITIL V3 Foundation Course

The ITIL V3 Foundation Certification course focuses on all the basic concepts of the ITIL V3 infrastructure. During this course, two disciplines are covered: Service Support and Service Delivery. Both areas deal with providing proper support to customers in order to ensure the latter of quality service.

How to Get Your ITIL Foundation Certification?

As mentioned earlier, ITIL is a four-level qualification scheme:  Foundation, Intermediate, Expert and Master. It is a step by step scheme. So, if you are planning to apply for higher ITIL Certifications in the future, you will have to start with the ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate.

The ITIL V3 Foundation Certification does not have any prerequisites. You can prepare for this certificate by enrolling in Ashford Global IT’s ITIL V3 Foundation course. However, in order to earn your ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate and qualify for further ITIL certifications, you will need to secure at least 65% of the marks on the ITIL V3 Foundation Certification examination.

So, are you ready to become an ITIL certified professional? Come to Ashford Global IT (AGIT) and learn all the material you will need to start your journey to becoming the best in your field.

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