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ITIL® Foundation Training Prepares Employees for Success in IT Management

Businesses and organizations around the world who are seeking to prepare employees for success in IT management are increasingly turning to ITIL® Foundation training. According to industry expert Chaim Yudkowsky, “The success of IT in an organization is a reflection of management’s commitment to IT’s role in the organization, IT staff dedicated to the support of corporate objectives and the competency, understanding, acceptance, and enthusiasm of users.”

Employees with ITIL Foundation training possess the technical expertise as well as the communication skills to translate IT objectives into business strategy.

Can an Organization Use ITIL Foundation Training?

The ITIL framework is a methodology that defines how to successfully implement service management with the assistance of knowledge management. For individuals working in an IT environment, or anywhere that Information Technology services are a core competency, ITIL training can be a huge benefit.

Since the ITIL Foundation Certification in IT Service Management (ITSM) provides candidates with a firm knowledge and understanding of the IT Service Management best practices and processes and covers the underlying principles of Service Management. Employees who can benefit from ITIL Foundation training include, but are not limited to, IT professionals, business managers and business process owners.

ITIL Foundation training for businesses and organizations can help everyone in the company master the ITIL framework. These best practices, with their related publications and certifications, were developed to offer direction in implementing Service Management. Their use has become so widespread that ITIL is now widely regarded as the de-facto standard for ITSM.

Why Train Employees on ITIL Foundation?

Technology is changing faster than ever before, making it difficult for IT managers to stay up-to-date with their skills and knowledge. At the same time, organizations worldwide are struggling to achieve IT-business alignment.

The training required to earn the ITIL Foundation Certification covers the underlying principles of Service Management. This will help all employees, not just managers, keep abreast of best practices within IT as well as connect IT goals to organizational goals.

Benefits of ITIL Foundation Training

Investing in ITIL Foundation training and certification for employees will bring the following benefits to an organization:

  • Training and certification will positively impact the skill development of employees.
  • Training and certification will measurably increase the productivity of employees and eliminate the duplication of efforts and rework.
  • ITIL Foundation training will lead to better implementation of IT Service Management processes within the company and will aid employees in implementing ITSM for external customers.
  • ITIL Foundation training can develop the general management skills of employees. This will prepare employees for managerial positions within the company.
  • ITIL Foundation training and certification will allow employees to network with colleagues within the IT industry and share best practices.
  • ITIL Foundation training and certification results in more certified employees within the organization, giving the company an advantage over other firms when bidding for ITSM projects.

It can’t be stressed enough that ITIL Foundation training and certification, like all ITIL training, is not only for IT professionals. Every employee can benefit from having a basic understanding of the ITIL framework as well as understanding how ITIL can be utilized to improve the quality of IT Service Management within the company.


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