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ITIL® Foundation Training Certification Easier with Virtual Instruction

ITIL Training Certification After deciding to improve your professional skill set by earning your ITIL® Foundation Certification, you face a dilemma. There are numerous ITIL-listed Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) to choose from, but you’re strapped for time and money. Take advantage of virtual ITIL Foundation training to acquire the proficiencies you’ll need to move up in the ranks.

Virtual Training vs. Learning Independently via Textbook

ITIL standards aren’t updated so often that a current textbook you buy this year will become obsolete the next, but the ITIL framework is massive. Even the most basic courses, ITIL Awareness and ITIL Foundation, encompass a lot of material. This makes book learning both unwieldy and inefficient.

When you’re looking at the big picture in order to get a clearer understanding of IT Service Management (ITSM) as a whole, it’s important to have access to fellow students and an instructor versus going it on your own. The virtual option of training gives you this type of access.

Although real-world and virtual ITIL Foundation training courses both let you work with instructors, virtual courses won’t make you give up your flexibility. You can pick from a wider range of available courses because instructors aren’t really tied to a specific location.

Don’t Discount the Learning Environment

While many people take it for granted that professional training occurs in a classroom or conference room setting, virtual alternatives provide you with some important tools. Because you can work from your personal computer, it’s a lot easier to keep your notes organized and apply what you learn by working on practical examples. You may also find it easier to translate these experiences to the performance-based assessments you’ll face on higher-level ITIL exams, so it’s good to get into the right study habits early on.

Uniform learning environments that you can relax in also foster better knowledge retention. You may even find that improving your professional education from home in your free time is the best way to learn efficiently. Set up your own private space, and you’ll be able to focus on your training like you never could in a shared classroom or distraction-filled seminar hall and master the examination the first time around.



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