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ITIL® Foundation – For Good Business Service

Business skillsHelping a major business run smoothly, based on its information technology platforms, is in great demand today. There are several areas in any corporation that need people who can successfully work and integrate service areas.

The framework, or base, of a business IT plan consists of its service strategy, design, operation, and transition. Ideally, a company has a solid IT base to grow upon.

The Framework of a Good IT Platform

The end goal is continual service improvement. ITIL®, or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library®, was originally developed by the UK’s CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency) to perform as a set of comprehensive codes of practice. In the information technology community, a code of good practice is useful to help achieve efficient support and delivery of high-quality, cost-effective IT services. The ITIL framework consists of a series of inter-related phases, which together form the Service Lifecycle. The 5 stages of the Service Lifecycle are Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement.

There are four levels in the ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme: ITIL Foundation, the ITIL Intermediate Level, ITIL Expert, and ITIL Master. The starting point in ITIL training is the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management; this certificate is a prerequisite for entry into the ITIL Intermediate Level.

In an ITIL Foundation training course, you will study the key concepts, processes, definitions, activities, and roles related to the Service Lifecycle, the main principles and concepts of IT Service Management, how the various components of the Service Lifecycle interact with each other, and factors that affect the effectiveness of the Service Lifecycle. You will also learn how implementing ITIL in your organization will be beneficial.

If you have a head for business, you should check into ITIL training. With an ITIL Certification, you will be looked upon as a qualified information technology professional. An ITIL Certificate shows to prospective employers that you understand the ITIL best practices and can apply them in their organization. Many businesses already consider an ITIL Certification a prerequisite for hiring. If you are in the field of information technology or work as a business analyst, manager, help desk representative, or support staff member, you will benefit from an ITIL Certification. Ashford Global IT (AGIT) is a superior place to receive your ITIL Certification.

AGIT is located in Orlando, Florida, but holds open-enrollment courses throughout the United States. AGIT also offers ITIL training in a convenient online classroom. If you and several of your colleagues would like to receive ITIL training, Ashford Global IT instructors will come to you and provide on-site services. With AGIT’s skilled and experienced instructors leading the interactive and engaging classroom, you are sure to pass your ITIL Certification exam on your first attempt.

However, if you do not successfully complete on the certification exam on your first attempt, AGIT will provide you with a voucher for one exam re-take, direct communication with AGIT instructors, additional study material, and the opportunity to re-attend an open-enrollment course at no cost. By choosing Ashford Global IT as your training provider, you are well on your way to earning your ITIL Foundation Certificate!

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