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ITIL® Foundation Course – An Overview of the Course at Ashford Global IT

ITIL® or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library® is a structured way for managing IT processes and services in an organization. This framework provides a systematic approach to IT Service Management.

Because of the positive effects ITIL has on service delivery, companies that have implemented ITIL concepts have realized great organizational benefits. Key benefits include reduced costs, high quality services, improved service availability, increased customer satisfaction, more effective time management and improved decision making.

The ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme consists of four levels and starts with the ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management. The ITIL Foundation Level introduces students to ITIL and IT Service Management. Students will study the five stages of the Service Lifecycle (Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement) and the processes, activities, and roles in each phase. The objective of this course is to give students a general understanding of the overall concepts in ITIL and their contribution to improved service delivery.

Florida-based Ashford Global IT (AGIT) is a leading training organization that delivers the most in-demand skills in business, IT and security. AGIT offers flexible training methods for the ITIL Foundation course. The ITIL V3 Foundation course is delivered via three methods: Traditional Classroom, Virtual Instructor-Led and Self-Paced Training.

Traditional Classroom

This is a 3 day course that has all the features of a traditional learning environment. That is, students will go to a physical classroom that has a U-shaped seating arrangement; there will be a live instructor that gives face-to-face instruction. Each class has a maximum of 25 students. The course runs from 8:30am to 4:30pm each day. This student-engaging method of delivery is based on case studies to keep participants interested and help them to better grasp the ITIL concepts. The ITIL V3 Foundation Certification exam is administered from 4:00pm to 5:00pm on the last day of the course.

Virtual Instructor-Led

The virtual instructor-led method of delivery allows students to participate in the course from anywhere in the world. This delivery is not restricted by walls and can be done from the comfort of your home. All that is necessary to participate in these sessions is a computer and a reliable Internet connection. The Virtual Instructor-Led ITIL Foundation course is very much like the traditional classroom version of the course as you will have a live instructor and classmates, participate in lectures, discussions, and activities, and join the class sessions at scheduled times. The only difference is that this course is conducted online. This class takes place over five half-day sessions, which are usually scheduled from 1pm-5pm, Eastern Standard Time. Students will be able to communicate with their instructor and classmates through chat windows. In essence, this course provides the same quality of education that students would receive in the traditional classroom version of the course. Students who choose the Virtual Instructor-Led ITIL Foundation course will be issued a voucher for the ITIL Foundation Certification exam; students can set up their own web-based exam but must identify a suitable proctor.


The self-paced learning option is done in a virtual eLearning environment where scenarios are used to teach the concepts of ITIL. Students will be able to access the course materials at their convenience for 20 days. The exam is not included in this package and must be purchased separately.


The main audience for the ITIL Foundation course consists of IT professionals who would greatly gain by understanding the fundamentals of ITIL. This is especially true for companies that have recently adapted ITIL principles. It is important for their IT staff to understand and be able to apply these concepts. IT managers, IT support staff, IT consultants and business managers will all benefit from attending the ITIL Foundation course.

Course Objectives

  • To gain an understanding of the key components of ITIL and IT Service Management.
  • To learn the benefits of implementing ITIL in an organization.
  • To learn the key ITIL processes and functions and how they correlate to the Service Lifecycle.
  • To understand the relationships of each of the components in the Service Lifecycle.
  • To recognize factors that may affect the Service Lifecycle.


The ITIL V3 Foundation Certification exam is a closed book, 60-minute exam that consists of 40 multiple choice questions. The pass mark is 65%, which is at least 26 out of 40 questions.

The ITIL Foundation course is strongly recommended for IT professionals as it helps students grasp the basic, core principles of ITIL. Students who have earned the ITIL Foundation Certificate will not have the advanced understanding and skills required to put ITIL practices into operation without additional training. However, the ITIL Foundation Certificate is a prerequisite for the student who wishes to advance to the ITIL Intermediate Level, the ITIL Expert Level, or the ITIL Master.


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