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ITIL® for Executives: An Overview of the Course

Management illustration, abstractstrategy success concept clipartBusiness executives have quickly come to realize just how important IT tools are in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of delivering IT services.  The IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) is one of the best methodologies at a business’s disposal to improve all aspects of IT service delivery.  However, this framework is complex and very detailed. Often, business executives don’t have the time to attend traditional training courses to learn about ITIL. Thus, the ITIL for Executives webinar was created to assist with this task.

What Does this Webinar Entail?

The 60-minute ITIL for Executives webinar is designed to teach business executives and upper-level management about the basics of ITIL and the ways in which it can provide benefits to the organization. Specifically, this course outlines how ITIL can assist executives control costs, improve IT service quality, and balance the allocation of resources within a company. Participants will also learn how ITIL can help align IT with business operations.  Real-world examples are provided throughout the webinar to help executives relate to the material.  At the end of the webinar, there will be a 10 to 15 minute question and answer session.

How Do You Register for the ITIL for Executives Webinar?

To register for the ITIL for Executives webinar, you simply need to sign up on Ashford Global IT’s website. The webinar is delivered once a month and is absolutely free.

Who Should Register for This Webinar?

Anyone who works in an executive position within a company should take the time to register and participate in this webinar. IT executives, senior IT managers, and sales executives who want to have a deeper understanding of ITIL but cannot attend traditional training will all find the ITIL for Executives webinar beneficial.

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