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ITIL® Expert Certification – An Overview

The ITIL® Expert Certification is perfect for those wanting to demonstrate their in-depth knowledge of ITIL. There is no separate examination to obtain the ITIL Expert Certification, and it is mandatory for candidates to obtain this certification before they can move on to the final and highest level of the ITIL certifications – the ITIL Master Certification. Once a candidate achieves this certification, it is bound to benefit their professional careers.

Successful completion of this certification level is expected from personnel in the senior management level of companies including CIOs (Chief Information Officers), CTOs (Chief Technology Officers), IT planners, IT audit managers, and IT security managers.

ITIL Expert Level

To enter the Expert Level, candidates must have at least 22 credits.  Two credits come from successfully completing the ITIL Foundation training and certification exam. In addition, candidates must earn at least 15 credits from modules in the ITIL Intermediate Level Service Capability Stream and/or Service Lifecycle Stream.  Finally, students must complete the ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle module, which will earn them 5 credits toward the ITIL Expert Certification.

Examination Format

Although there is no specific examination to complete the Expert Certification, the exams of the Intermediate Level modules can be quite hard. Each 90 minute exam consists of eight multiple-choice questions. The candidate is presented with a scenario and must choose the best solution. The best answer fetches 5 points, the second best – 3 points and the third best – 1 point. To successfully pass a module exam, a candidate must score at least 28 points or 70%. The exams are paper- and computer-based – the results for the paper-based exams take at least three weeks to arrive whereas it is instantaneous for the computer-based exams.

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