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ITIL® Certifications Provide Universal Value

ITIL Certifications For ITIT job advertisements are typically an alphabet soup of certification requirements ranging from highly technical to very general. Yet among those responsible for running corporate computing infrastructure and support services, one type of certification is almost universally requested: ITIL®.

What is ITIL, and what makes ITIL Certifications so respected and highly sought?

Robust and Longstanding IT Best Practices

ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of service-oriented standards and practices initiated in the 1980’s by the British government in order to improve computing services being provided to them. It was rapidly adopted by many European companies and spread to the US and beyond.

There have been several releases of ITIL standards, ITIL 2011 being the latest. With nearly thirty years of success, ITIL has proven itself valuable in improving IT services many times over.

Internationally Recognized Certification

There are no unique ITIL Certifications for specific countries or regions. As IT becomes universal, so does ITIL. There are a number of certifications for different areas of practice within infrastructure management, but these are the same certifications globally. This makes ITIL certifications very valuable to employee and employer alike, no matter where they live.

A Common Language for IT Service Management

ITIL governs not only a set of adaptable and evolutionary best practices, but also the generally accepted vocabulary of IT Service Management. This simple but crucial feature gives ITIL Certified practitioners a common basis for understanding and communication across industries and technologies.

It helps IT speak the language of business and creates a foundation for the development of outstanding IT service.

Technology Independent

ITIL focuses on process and services, not on specific technologies. The knowledge and experience gained in ITIL Certification and implementation is portable through technologies, industries, and service providers (internal and external). ITIL Certification is universally useful and valuable to the business as a whole.

Modular and Manageable

The number of ITIL Certifications available can seem overwhelming, but once the structure and organization are understood, the certifications are quite manageable. Built upon a common and required foundation level, ITIL breaks into separate modular practices at the intermediate level.

Employees can certify in modules specific to their job responsibilities or management scope, maximizing ITIL training ROI. But even though IT staff in different areas of the department may have differing intermediate certifications, they all understand the ITIL Foundation and speak the language of service management.

Transformational IT Processes

Most importantly, ITIL processes are absolutely transformational for IT departments that adopt them. They help bring IT out of its perceived ‘silicon tower’ and align it to the business. The business begins viewing IT as a set of services and understanding the expenses associated with providing the desired levels of availability.

IT, in its turn, understands what its service means to the business and can focus resources appropriately upon problems or upgrades. The overall philosophy of continuous service improvement means IT is flexible and responsive to evolving business needs.

IT departments have come to realize that they are primarily service organizations, not technology organizations. ITIL Certifications and standards provide the knowledge base and vocabulary for managing IT as a service organization, whether in-house or externally provided. Universally applicable, these certifications add value for the employer and employee alike.

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