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ITIL® Certifications Perfect for Project Managers in IT Companies

Project Management is one of the key skills that you have to develop from the day you join an IT company. The growth chain is such that over a period of time, you will get a chance to be at the helm of a project as its manager. At that point in time, you will need all the necessary skill sets that will hold you in good regard. While an ITIL® certification is based more on services rather than projects, you may be wondering how this certification can benefit you as a project manager.

Product Development Projects and Services, They Are Not Exclusive Anymore

Projects are endeavors that have a deadline. By the time the deadline chimes, you should be ready with a quantifiable outcome which is the result of the project. This is called the product. Services are endeavors that support the product generated by projects. All products need services to keep them running and providing support.

These days, IT companies have come up with a unique way of proposing their projects where they also include the services required for the product as a part of the project. So, the product development is only a part of the project, sometimes a very small part. The bigger job on hand will be to implement the developed product in an IT infrastructure and support the users of that product. This is a multi-billion dollar industry, and product companies are stepping up their game and offering services along with the project. This is where your ITIL certification comes in.

ITIL’s Role in Project Management

Assuming you are the manager of a project, you will have to oversee both the product development as well as the services offered for the product. ITIL certification courses have a multi-dimensional curriculum that not only helps you in gaining the vital service-related skill sets but also improves your management capabilities.

As the project manager, you have to devise an approach for the services to your project, implement it, and tweak it based on its efficiency and your observations. And this is exactly where ITIL certification courses can benefit you. The curriculum helps you in gaining all the skill sets needed for performing the aforementioned tasks efficiently and competently without compromising on quality.

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