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ITIL® Certification: Investing in Your Workforce

ITIL Certification Training for EmployeesAlthough most employers appreciate the need for a qualified workforce, some fail to understand their responsibilities in creating one. Your staff doesn’t come certified; it may be up to you to help them earn the credentials required to ensure your projects run as smoothly as possible.

If you’re wise, however, you’ll avoid the common error that many employers commit by only training their staff in a limited subset of skills. ITIL® Certification standards cover a huge range of knowledge, and it’s essential that you take advantage of as much of it as reasonably possible.

Debunking A Major Myth

So what’s the big problem with paying for certification training? In short, some employers feel it’s a risky proposition. They believe that if they pay their employees to push the limits of the ITIL qualification system, these newly trained workers will simply move on to better jobs and leave their old companies with the bill.

In reality, such situations rarely occur due to the way the ITIL Certification system is structured. Even the best students have to commit ample time and effort to completing coursework and examinations. Earning these high-level qualifications is no simple task. This essential fact also reveals the real value of ITIL Certification training. Because professionals complete their certifications in discrete sections, they have time to apply what they learn along the way.

Needless to say, this works extremely well for employers who want to get things done.

Unifying Operating Standards

The other big benefit of employers providing ITIL Certification training for employees is that it drastically heightens the abilities of the organizations that use it. Entry-level ITIL certifications, such as ITIL Foundation or Awareness, are often used to prepare firms for new projects and ensure they can tackle ongoing endeavors more smoothly.

For example, having your call center staff managers complete the same ITSM familiarity course your programmers do is a great way to improve their knowledge of what they’re advising clients on. True, they might not build upon these entry-level credentials in the same fashion, but they can nonetheless apply them to make your execution of IT service processes more beneficial to your company as a whole.

How You Train Dictates How You Operate

While you may never get to the point where you subsidize training for any member of your IT staff that wants it, you can still make major headway by introducing customized education programs. Having everyone in an office or department struggle to keep their eyes open as they sit through a boring, barely relevant class is clearly ineffective.

Why not ditch the old system in favor of something that works? Implement a training regimen that allows your workforce to explore fields of knowledge that are actually useful to them, and you’ll realize drastic improvements in your overall efficiency.

Whether you’re trying to certify a few individuals or an entire department, Ashford Global IT (AGIT) staff understand how to tailor proven education techniques to your needs. Contact an AGIT consultant today to learn more.

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