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ITIL® Certification Benefits Cloud Computing Professionals

Vector cloud computing concept. Modern design template.ITIL® offers best practices for the setup, operation and modification of an IT infrastructure in an organization. An ITIL Certification not only adds value to your resume but also equips you with the skills needed to tackle real world IT infrastructure challenges. These challenges include migrating to a new technology, lowering IT costs, ensuring infrastructure reliability, as well as disaster management.

Some of these challenges are being posed by cloud computing, a technology that is still evolving. Soon, cloud computing will change the way businesses operate, as it attempts to restructure computer networks for easier and better management. ITIL can help you effectively deal with the many such changes that cloud computing may bring in the near future.

How ITIL Can Help Your Career in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing improves the core processes of technology driven businesses.  The IT infrastructure organizes all related operations while keeping costs to a minimum.  With the help of  ITIL Certification programs, cloud computing professionals can successfully restructure, manage, and improve the IT infrastructure of  businesses relying on cloud computing. Trained professionals can prepare organizations for the potential challenges that may arise while migrating to the cloud. They can also help organizations maximize the benefits that cloud computing has to offer.

As you may already know, ITIL is a collection of IT concepts and processes that can be applied to networking and grid computing. Cloud computing is an extended version of grid computing, which makes it compatible with ITIL processes, although they were not specifically designed for it.

Being Prepared for Cloud Computing Challenges

One of the best ways to deal with the various challenges that cloud computing puts forth is to become ITIL certified. ITIL is helpful during the transition to a cloud based model. In fact, studies have proven that companies with certified ITIL professionals are able to ensure a smoother transition to the cloud than those without them. Also, it was revealed that knowledge of ITIL brings down the possibility of error during such transitions by a great measure.

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