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ITIL® and Small Business Strategy

ITIL®, or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library®, has been around since the late 1980s, and since then, it has revolutionized the IT industry. If you know anything about ITIL, then you probably know that large businesses and corporations have been utilizing the concepts and practices that it has put forth since its inception. Small to medium businesses have largely been left in the cold because ITIL has vast amounts of knowledge for large business owners but hasn’t, until recently, been able to provide the same benefit to small businesses. This is because small businesses generally have less access to the same resources that big businesses do. Thankfully, ITIL has been trying to change that.

While ITIL was and continues to be a revolutionary force for the IT industry, it still needs the support of smaller sized companies in order to remain the mainstream powerhouse that it is. For this reason, smaller companies have to begin to make ITIL work for them. There are certainly benefits in incorporating ITIL; mainly, it allows the small business to support more employees and has proven to increase the bottom line of any company. It also gives a cutting edge for the small to medium sized businesses that put ITIL into company practices by being one of the few in the field with the knowledge and understanding that ITIL requires. In doing so, small to medium businesses can capitalize on the same processes that larger companies do while offering services that their similar sized competitors do not.

As of now, there are some steps that need to be taken for small and medium businesses to utilize these business processes in order to get the most out of ITIL. First, because there are fewer employees in the main company, ITIL is easier to implement all around. With fewer individuals to bicker and disagree over procedures, setting forth the use for ITIL in the small to medium business environment can be simple and straight forward. When introducing this into a company, rather than a team to manage and sort out potential issues with ITIL, it is usually recommended that at least one main person has a working knowledge of ITIL with which to instruct the rest.

Initially, when the decision is made to incorporate ITIL, many small to medium sized businesses tend to bite off more than they can chew. By this, we mean, they take a big business approach instead of breaking their plan down into smaller pieces. Of course, this isn’t going to work because as we all know – there are differences in the running of a company based on its size. Doing ITIL for the smaller business means taking on less and planning out the use of the system in increments. You can certainly work up to the full guidelines version of ITIL but you don’t have to start there. In fact, since the system is designed to be used in its full capacity, it’s best to eventually gear up to the full version.

Of course, it can take some reorganization to incorporate the full system. Working with ITIL has its merits and it can streamline the flow of your workplace and allow you to offer more services which will help your business grow. Many systems are reliant on ITIL formats now, which can also allow you to bank big ticket clients.

The Way ITIL Works for the Small to Medium Business

Overall, incorporating the use of ITIL in a smaller business base allows for structure and improvement of processes within any IT-based company. Those businesses that start using ITIL from the beginning of organizing their IT department will have a better structure initially and of course future ITIL upgrades and changes can be dealt with once the system has been assimilated. Even if you are just considering ITIL for your business in a temporary way, you can still see positive changes from working with ITIL directly making it possible for ITIL to help you no matter the size or needs of your business.

For the last 5 years specifically, ITIL has worked to be more user friendly with both small and medium business models. Garter conducted a survey in 2006 which showed that ITIL improved quality by 53%, allowed companies to better meet compliance demands by 15%, and improved the response levels of IT staffs to organizational requirements by 21%. Since 2006, the amount of growth has increased marginally and as the ITIL database is updated, more options are being brought to the table that can be applied by business owners of all sizes.

The main concept that can be used to increase revenue and the quality of work is by changing the culture of the IT workplace by showing that whether you are a larger company or a blossoming new one that ITIL is helpful. ITIL places more control into the hands of the IT professional and allows for increased productivity and streamlined goals of any company. By optimizing resources and requiring collaboration, the IT business which was previously supply and demand motivated becomes a service minded entity. By being able to offer this on a personal level, where the advantage of the small to medium business lies, it actually helps to give smaller companies an edge over the competition of larger companies.

A word to the wise business owner

If you are a small or medium business owner, the time is now to focus on bringing the full version of ITIL principles to the table and see your venture as a growing entity. You won’t grow without a little bit of change.  IT is based off of innovation after all! While the process switch over may prove difficult at first, the long term benefits for your company can be huge! If you consider your utilization of ITIL as a process of growth rather than a complete restructuring, ITIL will help you transform your smaller IT venture into a full blown service provider or an IT powerhouse in your specialized field. Growing yourself into the company you’ve always wanted just takes a little time, patience, and perseverance.

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