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IT Operations Management

IT Operations Management is the Service Operation function that oversees the management and maintenance of the IT infrastructure. This function performs continuous operational activities; it is also responsible for controlling and maintaining the IT infrastructure to ensure that services are delivered as agreed upon in the Service Level Agreement.

The function of IT Operations Management is utilized by the part of the organization that controls and monitors daily operational business. This function guarantees that systems are working, data is backed up, reports are printed and batch jobs are completed.

IT Operations Management has two unique roles:

  • Operations Control ensures that routine operational tasks are carried out. It also provides centralized monitoring and control over activities.
  • Facilities Management is concerned with the management of the physical IT environment. This normally includes the supervision of data center rooms, recovery sites or network rooms. Other activities can include the procuring of an air-conditioning unit and a power supply to ensure the efficient functioning of the IT infrastructure. Facilities Management can also coordinate large scale projects such as the consolidation of data centers or servers.

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