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Is the ITIL® Expert Certification Right for You?

ITIL Expert Certification TrainingThe pursuit of various ITIL® Certifications offers a convenient and effective means for those who want to advance their careers and gain critical skills. Unlike many certification schema, however, ITIL promotes self-directed advancement. While the majority of its certifications naturally have prerequisites, you aren’t limited to a single predetermined path.

For those who reach higher levels like ITIL Expert, the framework’s flexibility becomes even more apparent. Because of this flexibility, it may be necessary to settle on a specific end goal.

Understanding the Expert Level

ITIL’s Expert level is more difficult to achieve than many other qualifications. This is primarily because it’s specifically targeted at those who want to show that they possess superior knowledge of the complete framework. As a result, candidates who have more familiarity with the entire scope of ITIL may find it easier to pass their courses and Expert exam.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the Expert level isn’t still flexible. While you do require a total of 17 Foundation and Intermediate credits to take the five-credit Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) module that is critical to obtaining the final qualification, this number is a bare minimum. You can take more courses if it suits your career goals, and you’re allowed almost complete freedom when it comes to choosing the specific modules.

So Should You Pursue Expert Certification?

For many individuals, the decision whether or not to pursue ITIL Expert Certification rests heavily on time availability, but this may not be the most important or straightforward consideration. For instance, if you’ve already completed more than 17 credits successfully, the relatively small amount of extra time you spend completing the MALC module may be insignificant by comparison.

Similarly, the free time you gain after finding a new position that was only made possible by your being ITIL Certified could permit you the leeway to pursue other professional qualifications. If you’re already close to earning a complete ITIL Certification, it’s important to think about making the most of the time you’ve already invested so that you obtain the most value from your previous hard work.

Plotting a Course to Success

Finally, consider how employers see you. Expert-level Certification is still rare enough that it’s not a prerequisite for most employment positions, but that doesn’t preclude it from being used as a reliable benchmark.

Human resource interviewers and potential bosses who are familiar with the framework may judge your credibility by looking at how far you’ve gotten with ITIL. If they see that you’ve stopped just short of earning an ITIL Expert qualification, they’ll doubtless wonder why you failed to attain what was just within reach.

Of course, everyone’s situation is unique. Nonetheless, it definitely helps to work with training professionals who can tailor their methodologies to your educational needs and scheduling limitations without compromising the quality of their instruction. Ashford Global IT, AGIT, has accomplished staff who have proven their ability to provide high-level IT training to individuals and businesses alike. Contact them today to discover whether mastering the ITIL Framework is right for you.

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