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How to Turn Corporate Training Into Quality Service Management

In order to compete on a global scale, businesses must strive to bring the maximum levels of service and credibility in the IT organization. Internal and external customers are demanding high-quality IT services. To meet this need organizations are seeking all available advantages.

One of the key ways to realize quality service management within an organization is to invest in corporate training.

Do You Have What It Takes To Deal With Change?

The rapid pace of business requires employees at all levels of the organization to be able to quickly adapt to change in the marketplace. Sluggish responses to requests, slow performance and downtime will all negatively impact a business.

Managing an effective IT organization will require your IT organization’s services to be closely aligned with overall business strategy. After all, the goal is to manage technology and processes and deliver outstanding service for a practical cost.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library Service (ITIL ®) Transition Basics

How exactly can ITIL Service Transition help organizations? Here’s a quick overview of Information Technology Infrastructure Library Service Transition basics.

Any organization building or deploying new or adapted services can benefit from Service Transition. This is because Service Transition deals with several important areas related to information technology. These areas include:

  • Change Management
  • Change Evaluation
  • Project Management (Transition Planning and Support)
  • Application Development
  • Release and Deployment Management
  • Service Validation and Testing
  • Service Asset and Configuration Management
  • Knowledge Management

As one of the ITIL Service Lifecycle modules, the Service Transition module, like other Intermediate modules requires individuals to possess knowledge of basic concepts in IT and also at least two years professional experience with IT Service Management.

Some areas where exposure to the Service Transition module would be beneficial are Change Manager and Configuration Manager. Obviously, it can be useful in many other instances but that would depend on the specifics of business needs and individual employee career objectives.

If You Don’t Invest in Training Now, You’ll Suffer Later

Any IT professional looking to deliver change should consider planning to qualify for Information Technology Infrastructure Library Service Transition as it offers best-practice direction on managing service change. It will help companies deliver IT services in a timely, cost-effective way with minimum interruption to internal operations, external customers, and end users.

Professionals looking to develop an ITIL Lifecycle Stream specialty or learn the skills and techniques to manage all of the activities within this Lifecycle stage will benefit from quality corporate training. After all, monitoring, tracking, and analyzing IT data is critical to all organizations.

If you would like to learn more about Information Technology Infrastructure Library Service Transition training, Ashford Global IT is a leader in ITIL Training and would be happy to help. Contact them today to discuss your training needs.


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