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How to Choose the Right ITIL® Certification Training

Business EducationIt the world of IT, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or ITIL®, is not a novel concept.

The key tenets of ITIL are widely embraced in the industry, but implementation can sometimes feel overwhelming.


The best way to begin adding ITIL principles to your business is to enroll employees and executive managers in ITIL Certification Training.

There are a variety of different courses available, so answer the following questions to determine which programs will best meet the needs of employees as well as the company as a whole.

Are Any Staff Members Completely New to ITIL?

One of the smartest moves any business owner or manager can make when it comes to implementing ITIL is enrolling all employees into a basic course that outlines the introductory concepts of the framework. The ITIL Awareness course takes just a single day to complete, which won’t greatly effect employee efficiency or cut into the training budget in a significant way.

However, it will do a fantastic job of bringing everyone up to speed on what ITIL is, why it is being used within the company, the vocabulary used to discuss core concepts and the various stages of the ITIL life cycle. By understanding where they exist in the life cycle, employees may be more willing and more capable to embrace ITIL ideas in their everyday work.

Do Employees Deal Directly With Customers or Clients?

A typical IT service company might only have a limited number of employees who deal directly with clients or customers via email, on the phone or in person. However, that interaction is how you present your company to the world, so it is vital that it is as professional and effective as possible.

Anyone who routinely deals with customers can benefit from taking ITIL Certification Training in Service Operation, or SO. This programs helps professionals showcase company value through every customer interaction as well as how to minimize the costs of doing so while simultaneously maximizing effectiveness.

Will You Be Implementing ITIL With In-House Support?

In order to experience a smooth transition as you move from one operating style to the ITIL framework, it is important to have one person, or even a team of people, overseeing the transition. Implementation can be a tricky time period, and it is best to have trained professionals navigating along the way.

Enroll those in your company who will be overseeing this period in a course like Service Transition or Managing Across the Lifecycle, both of which can prepare participants for leadership roles supervising ITIL implementation.

Do You Have Managers or Executives Ready to Learn More?

Executives and high-level managers need to be ready to become experts in ITIL so that they can oversee their employees and be prepared to make the right decisions in any situation that arises.

A Planning Protection and Optimization course can help managers who want to better control their budgets, and the Foundation course can be a stepping stone from the Awareness program into a more advanced study of ITIL as a whole.

Through ITIL Certification Training, every member of your business can be ready to implement ITIL principles and boost efficiency.

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