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How ITIL® Can Improve the Service Desk

Help DeskThrough the study of the ITIL® lifecycle, it becomes apparent that not all stages include direct contact with customers or clients.

In fact, the majority of the stages do not include customer interaction, with just the Service Operation phase including service support for customers.

This is where the service desk comes into play. In order boost the effectiveness of your service desk, cut costs and improve customer satisfaction in the future, ITIL training for the service desk can be instrumental.

Learn more about the service desk, how it fits into ITIL and how the right training can make all the difference.

What is the Service Desk?

The service desk is essentially the primary point of contact between your customers and your business. Customers need to know that there is a service desk available in case they have questions, comments or complaints about the company or any of its products and services.

Your service desk might be a physical office in a company headquarters, or it could be several different locations spread across the country and even the world. The service desk might communicate over the phone, or it could chat with customers online or respond to emails in a timely fashion.

The service desk might refund payments to an unsatisfied customer, categorize software problems as they are reported or offer advice on the best services for a potential client. In a nutshell, the service desk is essential, and it adds incomparable value to your business.

How Can ITIL Impact the Service Desk?

When everything is going well, it may seem like ITIL, or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, can’t benefit the service desk. In reality, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The right ITIL framework can make it easier for those answering phones and responding to emails to track and then monitor the problems reported or classify whether something is a standalone incident or part of a larger, recurring problem.

The correct use of this data can lead to improved services or a rethinking of company operations. ITIL practices can also streamline the service desk, reducing the labor and time it takes to handle each interaction without lessening customer satisfaction.

What Training Programs are Best for the Service Desk?

Ashford Global offers a range of training programs in ITIL, many of which can have a profound improvement on the actions and protocol of the service desk. While ITIL Availability Management programs might be suitable for managers overseeing the service desk, those who work day to day within that environment may do better in a more introductory program.

To start, the ITIL Awareness or Foundation classes provide valuable information regarding the common vocabulary of ITIL as well as its purpose, its many benefits and the various stages of the lifecycle.

Then, progressing to a course in Service Operation or Operational Support and Analysis can be a tremendous way to train those serving on the front lines in the service desk of any IT business.

It is no secret that ITIL can immensely enhance the operations of any IT company. ITIL training for the service desk strengthens the lines of communication between customers and staff.

We’re ready to help you become more efficient with the right training. Contact us today.


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