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How Can Businesses Leverage ITIL® During the Recession?

Quite a few industry experts will agree on the decision-making and investment-analysis benefits that ITIL® offers companies, especially during a recessionary environment. In fact, the adoption of ITIL increased during the last two recessions. Businesses are relying on ITIL, the most widely accepted approach to IT Service Management, to enhance competitiveness and make informed, value-driven decisions during a recession.

With no specific vendors or suppliers in the equation and strong support from a dedicated IT community, ITIL is leveraged by both small and medium enterprises as well as major companies. Because IT Service Management is a critical aspect that businesses cannot afford to ignore during a recession, they must make the most of what ITIL has to offer in order to both survive and thrive.

Cost Cutting

Businesses are either forced to make some changes or cut costs during a recession. Doing both successfully without hindering daily business activity requires a proper understanding of portfolios. ITIL offers the tools that allow businesses to prioritize objectives and view what needs to be done in a standard way. ITIL’s two-pronged approach helps businesses identify areas of improvement and provides guidance on how the changes can be made.

The tools ITIL provides help drive cost efficiency. A simple example would be using ITIL’s route call analysis to lower high call volumes instead of outsourcing the same function. Configuration Management solutions offered by ITIL can also assist companies cut costs by helping them re-assess how much individual services cost and how investments can be optimized.

Driving Value

Even in a recessionary climate, there are some very fast growing markets. Businesses can make their approach into growing or new markets with ITIL’s Service Portfolio. The Service Portfolio can help a service provider prioritize investments and build service offerings that have the potential to drive maximum business value.

Shift in Culture

ITIL can promote a positive cultural shift at the organizational level. ITIL can help employees understand their roles and contributions to the business and usher in a positive culture that keeps staff attrition low.

Speaking a Common Language

Mergers have become all too familiar in today’s competitive business landscape. ITIL offers a common platform and language for merging each entity’s Service Management processes. It can help in the adoption of a more standard working methodology in a globalized business environment.

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