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How Businesses Benefit From Virtual ITIL® Training

Online TrainingITIL® training is integral for businesses that want to become more efficient and embrace the ITIL framework in day to day IT operations.

While bringing trainers right into the office is one option, that’s certainly not the only choice for companies. Virtual ITIL training programs allow employees to cover the same materials and hear the same lectures, but they

Understanding the Benefits of Virtual IT Training

can do so from their choice of location. Find out how your business might be able to benefit from virtual ITIL training for IT employees.

1. Lower Overall Costs For Your Business

The costs of virtually hosting ITIL training will almost always be cheaper than hiring a trainer to come and lead the program in person. Corporate training sessions in the office require the allocation of resources for hotel stays, transportation, extra meals and perhaps even the reserving of conference rooms or another space where all the participants can fit comfortably.

A virtual training program can skip many of these expenses, reducing the overall cost to businesses without limiting the effectiveness of the program in any way.

2. Simultaneous Training for Employees Around the Globe

Since many companies have employees located in several offices or even multiple cities around the world, in-person training isn’t always a viable option. Thankfully, virtual training in ITIL courses is a much better fit. Courses can be set to begin and end at times that best fit the needs of the business, and employees can log on virtually from wherever they happen to be in order to participate, engage, learn and take an exam.

3. Comfortable Environments for Participants

Giving participants the chance to complete their ITIL training virtually allows each individual to learn from the spot most comfortable to them. Rather than having all participants sit in the same lecture hall, individuals may choose to work from their desks, in groups in small classrooms or even from the comfort of home, should that be permitted by the company. Students who are comfortable and free from physical distraction may find that they can absorb materials better and, in turn, provide better services to your business in the future.

4. Active Engagement Identical to In-Person Programs

A common misconception about virtual training is that it requires less engagement on behalf of the participants. However, a virtual classroom requires the same participation as any other classroom. Trainers can ask questions of participants, encourage discussion and stimulate debate. Through everyday technology like webcams, speakers and microphones, you aren’t leaving the classroom behind, you’re just taking it to a whole new technological level.

5. Increased Satisfaction Among Employees

An often unexpected bonus for businesses who rely on virtual ITIL training programs is that employees often prefer the more casual learning style of the virtual classroom. Since they will have more flexibility to pick their choice of location during the training each day, they might be more receptive to the materials as well as more eager to implement what is learned into everyday work.

Ashford Global provides businesses with the virtual ITIL training courses to create more effective IT staff. Whether you need a course in IT service management or ethical hacking, a virtual program can be the right fit for your company. Contact us today for more information.


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