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Head Toward Success Through ITIL® Expert Certification

Onsite Technology Training SessionImplementing ITIL®, or the theories of the information technology infrastructure library, can be a wonderful way to boost a business’ efficiency and create a more streamlined and successful approach to IT service management as a whole.

In order for the implementation to be as effective as possible, it is integral that at least one IT manager or supervisor understands the entirely of the life cycle and can guide other staff to embrace ITIL principles. To train that manager or group of managers, ITIL expert certification can be the perfect tool.

The Right Candidates for ITIL Expert Certification

It is important to note that this is not a training program for beginners who are just getting familiar with the idea of ITIL. The expert certification is reserved exclusively for those candidates who already have a firm grasp of the framework as well as each of the life cycles.

All candidates will need to meet prerequisites demonstrating their familiarity including holding the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management, having an additional 15 credits in ITIL courses and proving that they have studied the ITIL Lifecycle Suite of books for a minimum of 28 hours.

These prerequisites ensure that everyone who participates in the expert certification program will be equipped to understand, comprehend and apply the advanced principles being taught throughout the course.

Course Objectives and What to Expect

The objective of the ITIL expert certification is to produce graduates who are capable to managing employees and peers across each of the five life cycles. At this stage, students will already know all about the stages, but the course focuses heavily on individual scenarios, which encourages critical thinking. Participants will get the chance to learn about a hypothetical situation and then create a plan of action based on ITIL protocol.

You might assess the risk of the situation, plan a better strategy for the future, understand what phase of the life cycle needs the most direct attention and figure out how to apply ITIL framework directly to the situation. At the same time, the course encourages awareness of industry standards and compliance, more effective managerial skills and how to implement new ideas seamlessly without drastically changing job functions or daily routine for employees.

Logistics of the Course and the Subsequent Exam

The ITIL expert certification in managing across the lifecyle, or MALC, is a five-day program. The program can be administered in person with a qualified ITIL trainer, which is useful for groups who want several IT personnel to participate from the same location, but virtual training is also an option for corporations who wish to give participants greater freedom to study and learn from any location.

In order to graduate successfully from the program, students will need to pass an exam offered on the final day of the course.If students do not pass the exam, they can have the option to retake the entire course, as well as the exam, either through another open enrollment program or a virtual one.

ITIL expert certification through Ashford Global allows business leaders and IT managers to learn how to implement new strategy and manage across each of the five life cycles. Contact us today to get your training session scheduled.



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