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Getting to Know the ITIL® Service Capability Stream

Staff Training SessionIn the world of ITIL®, service is king. After all, it is customers that drive a successful business venture, so it makes sense that great service translates to high customer retention rates and better word of mouth to attract new clients.

There are two streams of training that can be taken by anyone interested in delving deeper into ITIL Service. While the first has to do with service lifecycle, the second is all about service capability.

Learn more about what to expect when employees participate in the ITIL Service Capability stream, what classes are available and why it makes sense to enroll today.

ITIL Service Capability

One of the most practical routes for ITIL training is to participate in courses found within the stream for ITIL Service Capability. This stream focuses on applying ITIL to the workplace and learning how to manage and analyze operations and service within this new framework.

Following this stream is best for those who will take on leadership or management positions within the service operations field of a business and want to be able to do so efficiently.

The knowledge learned within the various courses included in the ITIL Service Capability stream can then be passed on to other entry-level employees in the future.

Available Courses in the ITIL Service Capability Stream

The ITIL Service Capability stream is made up of four unique courses. Participants can opt to take all four courses, or they can narrow their focus and take just one or two.

Either way, participants will need to first complete an introductory ITIL Foundation program, and receive the corresponding certification, before they are ready to enroll in any of the more advanced classes.

After completing ITIL Foundation training, employees at your business can move on to taking courses such as Operational Support and Analysis, Planning Protection and Optimization, Service Offerings and Agreements and Release, Control and Validation.

Each of these four courses lasts for five days and concludes with an examination.

ITIL Service Capability Curriculum

The curriculum for the ITIL Service Capability stream varies depending on which courses are included in the training.

Release, Control and Validation includes a heavy focus on efficient and successful service delivery.

Service Offerings and Agreements focuses on contracts and terminology to attract clients and ensure understanding for both parties when signing documents.

Operational Support and Analysis helps those in operations deliver services and learn how to assess their actions.

Finally, Planning Protection and Optimization places an emphasis on preparing to offer services to customers in the future.

Benefits of Participation

The primary benefit of participating in the ITIL Service Capability stream and related courses is being able to understand and embrace the key framework of ITIL.

Whether ITIL implementation is imminent or if someone is being promoted to a management role in service, these training programs develop awareness and provide staff with the skills needed to become more efficient when it comes to developing contracts, offering services, planning for service delivery and handling overall operations.

If your staff members are ready to tackle ITIL Service Capability, there are several fantastic training courses available through Ashford Global that can provide the resources, tools and skills necessary to achieve success.

Contact us today and let’s discuss the training you need for your staff.


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