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Get Acquainted With Effective ITIL® Foundation Training

ITIL Foundation TrainingYou can’t take ITIL® Foundation training any less seriously just because it’s geared toward entry-level concepts. While it may lack the specificity of higher-level certifications, this qualification covers a far wider field of topics than most.

Your organization’s ability to master these far-ranging basics determines how much benefit you’ll ultimately get from the ITIL framework. It all starts with Foundation training, so your training managers need to understand the scope of what you’re tackling.

What to Expect to See on the Exam

The ITIL Foundation Exam features a number of questions that pertain to various ITIL components such as:

  • Supplier Management
  • Availability Management
  • Operations Control

The questions are presented in multiple-choice format, and they typically address critical conceptual issues having to do with the domain in question. For instance, a test taker may be asked to identify the characteristics common to all ITIL-managed IT processes or discern between valid and spurious examples of Service Requests.

Although ITIL Foundation has a broad focus, any of the questions on the exam can zero in on specific details. Your training program needs to be efficient enough to cover the entire framework, but it also has to be intensive.You don’t want to gloss over any important details.

While you have many ITIL Foundation training options,you should keep the need for thoroughness in mind before committing to a training menu.

Preparing Your Organization for ITIL Training

There are actually a lot of resources you can draw on as you seek clarification about ITIL Foundation training, and some are even free of charge. For instance, many HR managers refer to the official ITIL Foundation Certificate syllabus to learn about the requirements their candidates must satisfy.

The syllabus also provides study time recommendations for different Foundation units. Even though most organizations find it easiest to work with a dedicated, certified training manager, applying these suggestions or passing them on to your staff could make your training menu easier to digest.

Making Training More Efficient

If you’re already working with a training specialist, why go the extra mile? Instituting a corporate education program isn’t just about helping your staff enhance their resumes; it’s also integral to the IT services you build later. Whether you scour the Internet in search of free ITIL Foundation primer videos or make your loyal staff submit to practice exams, supplementing your training now might help your firm achieve great things down the line.

Discover where ITIL could take your ITSM methodologies by getting to know the framework more intimately. Get in touch with an Ashford Global consultant today, and help your organization master ITIL Foundation.


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