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Exploring the OSA Certification Training Program

IT TrainingImplementing ITIL® on a large scale requires more than basic awareness about the protocol or a rough foundation of the principles.

Corporations ready to implement ITIL need to have at least one team, or one team leader, who has studied in the ITIL Capability stream and is prepared to provide support and analysis throughout the transition and in day-to-day operations.

One of the best certifications for employees who take on this role is the OSA Certification, a qualification in Operational Support and Analysis. Find out how to earn this certification, why it is important to businesses and what the training course consists of.

Earning an OSA Certification

A training program in Operational Support and Analysis is necessary in order for you to earn the related qualification. This training program takes a full five days to complete, but this includes the final exam to mark the end of the course.

Operational Support and Analysis courses are typically offered onsite, but online programs may also be available to employees who work offsite or who telecommute. On the final day of the program, participants will need to sit for a 90 minute exam that contains multiple choice questions. A grade of 70 percent or higher is required to pass the course and earn an OSA Certification.

How Businesses Benefit From Having an Employee Certified in OSA

For individuals, becoming certified in OSA is a great resource and a fantastic booster for the resume. For businesses, it is perhaps even more important. Operational Support and Analysis is key if you want to find out whether the implementation of ITIL protocol is actually successful.

Plus, OSA is vital when you need to provide support for those who are taking on new job responsibilities or shifting their idea of how best to react to an incident, problem, complaint or accident.

A new framework for IT service providers can be incredibly beneficial, but it needs to be accompanied by someone certified in Operational Support and Analysis who can provide backup when it is required by employees.

Prerequisites for Enrollment in the Training Program

Participating in and understanding the curriculum included in an OSA training program is only possible if participants already have a background in ITIL. For that reason, there are prerequisites in place to ensure that students who take the course are equipped to succeed.

Participants must have completed the ITIL Foundation course, have completed roughly 12 hours of independent study in preparation for the course and have at least two years of job experience in the field of IT service management.

Curriculum to Expect in the OSA Course

Over the five day Operational Support and Analysis program offered by Ashford Global, the curriculum will touch on a variety of topics. To start, expect a heavy focus on service management and what tools, resources and help those involved in service management require.

The curriculum will also cover how operational support interacts with the lifecycle as a whole, how to analyze the success of ITIL implementation and how to address common problems with OSA.

Enrolling one or more employees in a training program resulting in certification in Operational Support and Analysis can be a savvy move for businesses moving towards ITIL implementation.

Let’s talk about the training you need and set it up today.


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