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Exploring the Immediate Benefits of ITIL®Training

Technology Investing in training for staff is a widely-accepted course of action for most businesses, and it is understood that the benefits of training may not immediately become apparent. However, many formal training courses can begin to add value to a company right away.

ITIL® training programs, for example, can be implemented immediately, helping employees to become more efficient, productive and useful from the very first day.

Whether you’re contemplating more advanced ITIL training for executives and managers or introductory training programs for entry-level employees, explore the many ways that ITIL training can start making a difference immediately.

Communication Skills Immediately Improve

Through ITIL training, participants will expand their vocabulary. Knowing the right terms for services, incidents and benchmarks can make it easier to communicate.

Often, companies lose time when employees need to talk extensively to make their point clear. Then, that message can get confused or diluted when vocabulary changes. Clear, streamlined vocabulary appropriate for various situations can cut down on wasted time and miscommunication in the workplace.

Implementing a Clear Chain of Command

One of the key principle of ITIL, or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is the idea of the ITIL lifecycle. Various stages make up the lifecycle, and employees can each fit into one of the stages. Familiarity with the lifecycle means that staff will know who is their next contact in the chain of command.

For instance, someone who notices a problem with a specific service can speak with not just their immediate boss, but also the person responsible for providing services to customers and the person in charge of changing problematic services.

This saves time and produces faster results, reduces uncertainty and encourages employees to speak up when they know who the relevant person is to communicate their concerns with.

Staff Will Require Less Assistance With Routine Tasks

ITIL is not a program that involves rote memorization. Instead, it is a set of best practices that can be applied to any workplace and virtually any situation.

When employees have a complete and comprehensive understanding of ITIL, they can refer back to the framework when handling daily tasks. This means less assistance is needed from their superiors, cutting down on labor needs and therefore business costs.

Increased Preparedness for Incidents

Even with preventative measures in places, incidents do occur, particularly in the world of IT. Through ITIL, however, employees can be better prepared for this eventuality.

ITIL training can offer an established protocol, which helps every staff member know exactly what to do, who to contact and how to act in order to reduce the severity of the incident and minimize disruption to profits and customers alike.

Customers Will Receive Better Care and Assistance

Through ITIL training, employees in service positions can improve the way that they communicate with current and potential customers or clients. Delivering better services is an instrumental way for a company to improve their reputation and increase customer retention.

With ITIL training through Ashford Global, participants can immediately bring what they learn to the workforce, benefiting the company as a whole.

Let’s discuss the training you need for your business; contact us today.


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