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Examining Service Operation Processes: Problem Management

Question Mark Made From Colorful CubesThe Service Operation phase of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle ensures that customers and users are receiving services at the agreed upon levels.  Service Operation is also responsible for maintaining the applications, technology, and infrastructure that support service delivery.  To help Service Operation achieve its objectives, there are five processes (Incident Management, Problem Management, Event Management, Request Fulfillment and Access Management) and four main functions (the Service Desk, Technical Management, IT Operations Management and Application Management). All of these processes and functions come together to play an extremely pivotal role in Service Operation.

This article will focus on the Problem Management process within Service Operation.

Problem Management is responsible for handling all Problems that occur throughout the IT infrastructure.  As defined by ITIL, a Problem is “a cause of one or more Incidents.  The cause is not usually known at the time a Problem Record is created, and the Problem Management process is responsible for further investigation.”  By preventing Incidents from occurring and minimizing the impact of Incidents that cannot be prevented, Problem Management can provide considerable value to an organization.  This includes improving IT service availability, IT service quality, and the productivity of business personnel.  Other key benefits of Problem Management include reduced costs as well as less downtimes and disruptions to business operations.

Problem Management includes the following activities:

  • Detecting Problems
  • Logging Problems
  • Categorizing Problems
  • Prioritizing Problems
  • Investigating and Diagnosing Problems
  • Resolving and Closing Problems

Within the ITIL Service Operation section, candidates are taught the activities, processes and techniques that are required to find, diagnose, and resolve any Problems or Incidents that may occur during the course of service delivery.

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