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Examining Service Operation Processes: Event Management

Provider, Customer, ServiceThe Service Operation phase of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle ensures that customers and users are receiving services at the agreed upon levels.  Service Operation is also responsible for maintaining the applications, technology, and infrastructure that support service delivery.  To help Service Operation achieve its objectives, there are five processes (Incident Management, Problem Management, Event Management, Request Fulfillment and Access Management) and four main functions (the Service Desk, Technical Management, IT Operations Management and Application Management). All of these processes and functions come together to play an extremely pivotal role in Service Operation.

This article will focus on the Event Management process within Service Operation.

Event Management is responsible for the monitoring, detection and escalation of Events. Within ITIL, an Event is “any change of state which has significance for the management of a Configuration Item or IT service.” An Event can be indicative of something that is not working properly within the infrastructure, which may lead to an Incident being recorded. Events can also denote normal activity or a need for a routine intervention.

Event Management requires monitoring; however, monitoring is different from management. Event Management creates and detects notifications about the status of IT services and the IT infrastructure, whereas monitoring checks the status of devices and components even when no Events have been reported.

When properly implemented, an effective Event Management process can improve the quality of IT services being offered while reducing IT operational expenses. Event Management can also provide the means for early detection of Incidents.  In addition, this process allows many operations to be automated which can increase overall efficiency in the organization and allow expensive human resources to be focused elsewhere.

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