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Event Management: Monitoring Events

IT Service Management ConceptEvent Management monitors all the events that occur throughout an IT Infrastructure. This enables the system to determine the significance of each Event as well as conclude whether there is any predefined response to that Event.  An Event is defined as any visible and noticeable occurrence that has implications for the management of the IT infrastructure. This is provided by good monitoring and control systems, which are based on two types of tools:

  1. Active Monitoring Tools: These interrogate Configuration Items to verify their status and availability. Any exception will produce an alert that needs to be communicated to the proper team for action.
  2. Passive Monitoring Tools: These spot and compare operational alerts or communications created by CIs.

Event Management has the ability to detect Events, make sense of the occurrence, and establish the appropriate response.  Event Management can help automate many routine activities if the Events are encoded to convey operational information, warnings and exceptions.  Event Management can be applied to any aspect of Service Management that needs to be controlled and can be automated. This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of Service Management processes as well as the organization while allowing expensive human resources to be used elsewhere.

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