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Earning the ITIL® Foundation Certificate in 3 Days

Business Technology TrainingITIL®, or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is made up of varying levels. The base level, and the best for beginners, is called the ITIL Foundation Certificate. Earning this shows that participants have a firm grasp of introductory concepts and are ready to continue with training if they so choose.

Best of all, the course and certification take just three days to earn, making it a reasonable investment for employers. Learn more about what participants will learn while earning this important certificate.

How to Map the Service Lifecycle

One of the most important concepts covered in an ITIL Foundation Certificate is how to map and understand the service lifecycle. By learning about each of the phases, as well as how they relate to one another, individuals can see where they and their departments fit into the grand scale.

Feeling their worth, and how they are integral to the delivery of services and the creation of new ideas, can help employees work harder and fit better into the scope of the company.

What Impacts the Effectiveness of the Service Lifecycle

Along with understanding the service lifecycle itself, participants in the program will learn how seemingly small things can impact the effectiveness of the system. By identifying these key issues, they can help prevent them in their work. This helps the transition of products and services from one service lifecycle phase to the next seamlessly.

ITIL Concepts and Terminology

A key part of completing the ITIL Foundation Certificate is learning some of the introductory concepts having to do with ITIL. This prepares employees for implementation, and it helps them to be better informed and included when future changes are made.

Introducing key vocabulary may also be beneficial if participants move on to more advanced stages of ITIL training down the road.

Case Studies That Brings ITIL Principles to Life

A vital component of the ITIL Foundation Certificate is the use of case studies to explain pertinent points. These case studies are designed to be industry specific, so participants can absolutely relate to them and how they might play a role in their own work lives.

Case studies can ask participants to apply principles of ITIL to a specific problem or difficulty in the fictional company, bringing the materials to life in a tangible, visceral way. Case studies also encourage lateral thinking and cognitive awareness, as opposed to just memorizing and repeating facts, figures and definitions.

Understanding the Benefits of ITIL Implementation

During the three-day course to earn ITIL Foundation Certificate, individuals will also have the opportunity to learn why ITIL implementation can be so beneficial in the workplace. Just a few of the benefits include more specific tasks for employees, greater efficiency throughout the company and better communication between all departments and operations. Furthermore,

ITIL implementation can be vital in the event of a disaster, as it sets protocol for how to act and what to do in recovery to minimize disruption and best help employees and customers alike.

Although it takes just three days to earn, the ITIL Foundation Certificate from Ashford Global can be a solid introduction to the world of ITIL.

Call or contact us today to learn more about our ITIL training and how it can benefit your business.

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