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Developing a Specialty around ITIL® Service Capability

ITIL Service CapabilityIt’s not enough to possess a general understanding of the ITSM frameworks your firm employs; you also need to understand how different processes interact and how they can be used successfully. Although schema like ITIL® allow you plenty of latitude to choose the specific method of execution, they still make it possible to organize your implementation of relevant technologies within a structured framework.

Here’s how the ITIL Intermediate-level Service Capability modules allow you to acquire and apply more specialized knowledge.

What is ITIL Service Capability?

The Capability stream is divided into four classes. These groupings serve as alternatives to those found in the Intermediate-level Lifecycle stream.

You can choose from Capability classes to earn the 15 credits you’ll require to pass the Intermediate stage successfully. Every capability module is worth four credits after you complete the exam.

The Service Capability Modules

Don’t simply choose modules to fulfill your credit requirements. Each course addresses different topics that may be of more use to certain IT professionals. Furthermore, your choice of module could affect whether you find it necessary or prudent to pursue an Expert certification. Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Service Offerings and Agreements(SCA) – This course addresses numerous business management tasks dealing with service levels, service portfolios, service catalogs, demand and suppliers.
  • Release, Control and Validation(RCV) – In RCV, you’ll discover how managing changes, service assets, service configurations, service requests, validation, testing and deployment figure into the complete lifecycle.
  • Operational Support and Analysis(OSA)- OSA helps candidates learn how critical it is for services to have adequate operational support throughout their lifecycles. This course devotes special focus to metrics, incident management and request fulfillment.
  • Planning, Protection and Optimization(PPO) – PPO is designed for those who will be responsible for planning services and responding to consumer demand. It also covers risk mitigation and availability strategies.

Which ITIL Service Capability Module Is Right for Me?

Naturally, the topics covered by the service capability modules may not always correspond to specific professional positions or job descriptions. This is especially true at startups and other small companies.

You may be called upon to move beyond your comfort zone and it’s difficult to anticipate which modules you’ll need to be familiar with or what ITIL standards you’ll encounter with future employers.

When choosing courses from the Service Capability stream, err on the side of caution, and think about your ultimate career goals. Instead of trying to cater to what you think an employer will want you to know, pursue modules that might come in handy for the career you’d really like to pursue. This is the best way to craft an ITIL Certification that helps you reach your personal goals.

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