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Demystifying HR Evaluation Via ITIL Certification

For most managers, targeting key areas for self-improvement is easy until they get to the IT department. Because of the traditionally diaphanous, complicated nature of IT services and networks, it can be hard for those who don’t specialize in these areas to make positive headway with their management techniques. Implementing the ITIL® framework with ITIL certified staff on an organizational level allows firms to improve both their IT staff management and IT services.

Getting Everyone on the Same Page with the Right ITIL Training

Although management staff usually understands the corporate goals for implementing new IT service projects, many managers don’t have enough of a familiarity with the process lifecycle itself. Their technology backgrounds are rendered less useful by constant changes in technology, so their IT departments seem like black box devices that are extremely difficult to optimize. Knowledge gained through ITIL Certification can improve communications between the managers responsible for supervising services like consumer Web applications and the IT professionals who actually implement the services at the ground level.

The basic ITIL Foundation Certification teaches people like managers how a globally compliant framework can be used to enhance IT Service Management. Higher level ITIL Certifications expound on ITIL Foundation topics such as Service Lifecycle and how one applies ITIL principles to the workplace more directly. These progressive ITIL Certification levels ensure that even those who aren’t technical experts can understand what’s going on and communicate more effectively with those under their direction.

Clarifying Employee Responsibilities Through Measurable Standards

ITIL Certification teaches your employees to apply measurable standards to their work and identify exactly what they’re doing. It also gets them in the habit of evaluating their work in the context of the overall Service Lifecycle so that they understand their part in the big picture and work to improve their methods without as much external prompting.

By ensuring that employees on every level understand how their actions affect the IT services you provide and rely on, an ITIL Certification makes them more likely that they’ll better enjoy their work. People tend to take more pride in what they do when they can see the effect it has. This translates to a more productive corporate culture. It also makes it easier for top-level management to identify areas for process improvement.

Improving Acquisitions and Staff Management

Finally, ITIL Certification gives your firm a basic standard that will help you identify potential additions to your workforce. Recruitment becomes simpler because it’s easier to actually quantify the skills listed on résumés and understand how they’ll be useful to your organization.

Your staff evaluation and training efficiency will also become more efficient because you won’t have to start from scratch. The ITIL framework provides you with an easily customizable foundation for your IT department oversight.

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