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Delve Into ITIL® Service Capability Training For Your Business

Training & DevelopmentOne of the vital elements of the ITIL® framework is understanding capability, or the ability to carry out an activity. Employees should be aware of their own capability and companies should be able to define and analyze their capabilities in the world of IT service provision.

To better ensure that companies of every size are maximizing their service capability as well as pricing their services correctly for maximum efficiency, ITIL service capability training courses can be the key. Get to know each of the four groupings of capability courses in order to determine where to get started.

Planning Protection and Optimization

Part of successful IT service is knowing how to anticipate demand as well as balance capability and availability without going over budget. This sweet spot, often known as ideal optimization, should be the goal of every IT service provider.

In order to reach that objective, a planning protection and optimization training program can be the perfect place to start thanks to a curriculum that focuses on timing service provision, anticipating customer demand, measuring timely performance and adjusting practices to better fit into a steady, unsurprising timeline.

Operational Support and Analysis

This five-day training program is a way for participants to learn how to apply the five life cycles and the principles of ITIL service management into day to day operations. This is one of the more practical, job-specific programs available in ITIL, and it is an incredible way to boost the confidence of managers tasked with wide-scale ITIL implementation.

Some of the many course objectives will include how to measure support given, how to analyze the success of each life cycle and how to address and tackle some of the most common challenges that arise in operations support for IT.

Service Offerings and Agreements

This course is one that focuses on the services offered to clients and customers as well as how to arrange timely, satisfactory delivery of those services. Some of the objectives touched on during the five-day program will include how ITIL practices can influence and improve delivery of services, how offering services in written or oral form falls into the scope of the service life cycles and how to achieve operational excellence in part because of the service timelines and predetermined agreements.

Those who are in IT sales, business or customer relations will especially benefit from this ITIL service capability program in service offerings and agreements

Release, Control and Validation

RCV, or release, control and validation, is a course that lasts for five days and helps participants to immerse themselves into the world of the ITIL service life cycle. The primary objectives of the program are to understand when to release various aspects of service management to employees, when to control their completion and how to validate that the task was done according to company standards as well as the to the satisfaction of the client. The result is graduates who can easily manage release and deployment as well as future service validation and testing within their IT fields.

Achieving maximum capability, and understanding what that capability truly is, is an important element of ITIL service management that can be improved thanks to one of these four courses offered by Ashford Global. Contact us today to learn more about scheduling the training you need.


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