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CPDE® Accreditation Helps Capitalize on IT Skills

Process FlowchartIT Service Management (ITSM) training is an important part of learning how to manage IT services, but even the most common process frameworks have their deficiencies. Frameworks like MOF, ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 are designed for planning broader business processes, but they often neglect the groundwork that goes into redesigning and improving process techniques.

Earning the Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE®) qualification is a great way to fill the gap.

Learning to Design Processes

While ITSM framework training helps IT professionals link the processes they design to their business goals, CPDE training actually helps them define their intentions. By learning to define and analyze client requests, CPDE trainees gain the ability to tailor their output to changing demands. In addition, the inclusion of value-chain techniques gives them the foresight to rein their processes in before costs spiral out of control.

Those who go through ITSM training with CPDE accreditation are better able to analyze and document what they’re doing. Using flowcharting techniques and process definition documents, they create more meaningful information that accurately reflects the processes they build.

Continual Quality Control

Learning about quality management principles is a big part of CPDE training. Most of the quality control tasks that IT workers complete require novel solutions to existing problems. CPDE training teaches them how to develop substantial metrics and tracking methods that they can use to fine-tune the bits and pieces. They can then make complete reports that put the firm’s processes into terms that even non-technical managers or shareholders can readily comprehend.

Making In-House Processes Easier

One of the most important things that CPDE covers is how to troubleshoot and re-engineer processes. In addition to using custom metrics to find out whether or not subordinates are meeting their potential, qualification holders can set up flags that help pinpoint problems before they cause irreparable issues. CPDE’s focus on in-process task automation also ensures that managers can handle bigger tasks and become more capable.

CPDE ties IT process frameworks skills together in a big way. The tangible gaps that are commonly found in highly conceptualized ITSM methods are hard to reconcile without an advanced understanding of ITSM concepts and their real-life implementations. Apply a range of diverse IT skills to a common goal by gaining the CPDE accreditation.


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