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Convincing Employees to Adopt ITIL®

In any organization, change is always met with resistance. Once an organization has decided to go ahead with implementing ITIL®, it will immediately be met with either approval or derision. According to leading industry experts, half the battle is won if you can get all your employees on board with the ITIL implementation. It is necessary to get everyone to agree with the idea because a successful ITIL implementation is the result of good technology, knowledge, and, more importantly, employee effort.

Like minded colleagues who have had different experiences with ITIL implementations in the past can have very different opinions of it in the present. If people have seen a triumphant ITIL implementation with their previous employers, they will be inspired to see the same change in their present organization. On the other hand, if they saw an ITIL implementation abandoned mid-way through, they will be disheartened and reluctant to be part of future ITIL implementations. This attitude can be changed by proper ITIL education.  In addition, the tips below can help you convince your employees of the benefits of ITIL.

Start small and slow

ITIL is a vast topic, and people will naturally lose interest if you try to teach and implement the whole framework in one go. Keep the number of processes small so that they are easily achievable. Small successes will inspire people to fully adopt ITIL. This approach will also ensure that everyone has sufficient knowledge about the processes and procedures.

Involve people in mock ITIL implementations

Create mock ITIL scenarios and simulations to provide people with hands-on experience. Instead of expecting people to learn ITIL only from theory, demonstrate the effectiveness of ITIL with practical examples. One of the most famous scenarios used to highlight the importance of ITIL is the rescue mission of Apollo 13.

Management commitment and participation is a must

Best results will be seen if there is an in-house ITIL believer and expert. A well-chosen role model will be able to persuade and teach people to adopt the ITIL practice. A respected peer who is an ITIL champion can bring about a change in the general perception of ITIL in the company. Also, if senior managers are convinced about ITIL, then their subordinates will naturally follow. The commitment shown by senior members will trickle down to other employees.

Maintain the enthusiasm and interest

Once people have shown enthusiasm to go forward with ITIL, the only way to maintain this interest is by continually providing education about ITIL. Long term implementation of ITIL will only be successful if the interest among the employees is kept alive.

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