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Completing the ITIL® Intermediate Examination

Passing the ITIL® Intermediate examination can be a major hurdle for some trainees. While the relevant course information should have been covered in one’s classes, the fact that there are only eight questions on the 90-minute test often poses problems for those unfamiliar with the format.

Read on to learn some common strategies employed by those who have passed their examination, or visit this page for more information on comprehensive ITIL training programs.

ITIL Exam Structure

This exam is comprised of scenario questions. Each question page includes a detailed description of real-world IT problems or business situations that can be evaluated in terms of ITIL principles. There are four possible answers per question, and each generally incorporates a paragraph’s worth of potential solutions.

For some, the fact that there’s so much reading can be intimidating in itself. Nonetheless, it’s absolutely critical to keep track of time during the examination and not get lost in one problem. Most people recommend only spending about ten minutes on each question in order to have review time left over at the end of the session. It’s OK to skip problems and return to them later.

Judging the Scenarios

In order to deduce the correct answer from the given options, test takers must pay close attention to detail. Some people recommend using a few highlighters to annotate and distinguish critical aspects of each scenario while reading.

When confronted with so much information at once, organizing the data can make it easier to keep track of important aspects. Before heading over to the answers, try to identify major issues and problems within the scenario itself, focusing on the ITIL principles and values covered in earlier training.

Be careful about reading too fast or glossing over things. Specific details can completely change the meaning of the problems and the answers associated with them.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Response

Unlike other test formats, many of the answers on this exam will be somewhat similar. When picking an answer, test takers should look for solutions that address the issues they identified while reading the scenario.

Remember that ITIL Frameworks focus on linking business processes with their IT counterparts. Although some answers will offer extremely technical solutions to the specific IT problems identified in the scenarios, it’s important not to get tunnel vision along the way. Be sure to select an answer that addresses pertinent business and customer concerns in an appropriate, ITIL-oriented manner.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that a given solution fixes a specific network issue. Instead, search for answers that use ITIL principles like cost reduction, quality control and risk management to solve the problem at hand. By employing the principles covered during their ITIL training, test takers find it easier to complete examinations.

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