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Choosing the Right ITIL® Training Program for an Employee

Group of Employees at Computer for TrainingThe Information Technology Infrastructure Library, more commonly known as ITIL®, is a comprehensive framework that can increase business efficiency.

Streamline virtually every aspect of customer service and give employees greater responsibility in their day-to-day tasks.

With a basic training program, the main tenets of ITIL can be covered and understood, but that may not be enough for those with niche specialties or for someone who will take the lead in the implementation of this new set of guidelines. Businesses eager to embrace ITIL, but who aren’t exactly sure what it takes, should use these tips to determine what ITIL Training Program is best for each of their employees.

All Employees

Yes, there is one ITIL Training course that virtually everyone should participate in. The ITIL Awareness Training program lasts just a single day, and it serves as a completely basic introduction to ITIL.

New employees or those in entry-level positions will benefit by understanding the idea of the lifecycle and where they fit within. More senior staff members will get an introduction to the language of ITIL, which will certainly come in handy when they move on to more advanced courses later on.

Business and Budget Analysts

Many corporations large and small have employees whose primary role is to accumulate data, analyze that date and then make recommendations for how to increase efficiency, reduce spending or increase profits. ITIL Training can be especially pertinent to these employees, and the right course for them may be Operational Support and Analysis.

This particular program focuses on practical information for operations staff who need to better understand how to address problems and find solutions within the lifecycle premise. Analysts can take that information and apply it to their own jobs, but they can also share the information with operations staff in the company.

Mangers Leading Implementation

Implementing ITIL across a large company is a big task, and typically there are several leaders or managers within the company that will oversee the transition. These employees should already have completed the ITIL Awareness course and perhaps also the ITIL Foundation course. However, to ensure that they are completed prepared for implementation, they should also take advanced courses in the subject.

Managing Across the Lifecycle is an extensive five-day program that helps participants understand the various functions of the lifecycle as well as how to instruct employees that fall within each phase. This is an advanced program not suitable for entry-level employees or those new to the world of ITIL.

Telecommuters and International Employees

Working outside of the traditional office environment certainly doesn’t eliminate the effectiveness of ITIL Training. However, in the case of those employees who work in alternate locations across the globe or who work from home, gathering in one place for a traditional training program can be difficult.

Fortunately, there is a viable alternative in the form of virtual ITIL Training. Programs can be almost identical, they allow for participants to be located around the world and they are often more convenient for busy professionals.

Ashford Global offers a range of on-site and virtual courses perfect for businesses of any size.


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