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Charting Your Career’s Course with ITIL® Foundation Certification

Computer NetworkIt’s not enough to be a tech enthusiast or a coding genius anymore. Nowadays, you have to make sure that your skills are applicable in the workplace. The IT services that employers deliver and maintain aren’t like the hobby projects you work on in your spare time; they follow frameworks that must be observed. By earning an ITIL® Foundation Certification, you’ll show that you can play along.

Learning the Essentials of IT Services

ITIL Foundation training teaches you the basics of the ITIL Service Lifecycle. ITIL frameworks are flexible enough to be tailored to each firm’s needs, but they also provide clear guidelines for vital processes like conceptualizing services and defining metrics for evaluation. Because IT services are so essential, firms want to be able to oversee them effectively. This leads them to seek employees who can follow the best practices established by frameworks like ITIL.

Who Takes ITIL Foundation Courses?

Anyone can take ITIL Foundation courses if they want to accumulate basic knowledge about implementing IT services and keeping up with them during their lifecycles. Most enrollees are IT professionals and managers whose firms deliver IT products. In addition, people who are currently looking for jobs use the ITIL Foundation Certification to give themselves an edge up in interviews with firms that use ITIL methodologies.

ITIL Foundation training is used by multinational companies, meaning that learning the standards can help make candidates more desirable in foreign markets as well. It’s common for people to enroll themselves while they’re employed in order to improve their future prospects and chances for advancement.

Building on Your Certification

Taking an ITIL Foundation course might just be the beginning of your training. There are many qualification levels that follow the Foundation Certification, and IT professionals who want to graduate to the upper echelons of project management use these subsequent qualifications to make themselves more eligible for such roles.

Another important thing to remember is that your ITIL Foundation course only covers basics like defining IT services, the concept of IT Service Management as a practice, the Service Lifecycle, portfolios, governance and other beginner subjects. From there, higher-level ITIL Intermediate, Expert and Master courses allow you to delve deeper into specific modules and courses of your own choosing.

The ITIL Foundation course gets you started, but it also ensures that you can choose where you go with your training afterwards. Unlike other IT Service Management frameworks, it’s designed to make your career path easy to define on your own. This flexibility makes it equally popular with individuals who want to work in specific industries and those who are still figuring things out.

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