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Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE)

CPDE Certification“Providing You with Capabilities You and Your Organization Need”. In the IT world, nothing can be developed in chaos. Everything needs to be handled in an orderly manner. To manage the work and ensure its smooth flow, processes are developed.

There are many process frameworks, such as ITIL® and CMMI; however, none of these provide methods for designing or enhancing the processes.

Why You Need (CPDE) Certification

This is where the Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE) Certification comes in handy.

CPDE Certification Course

The Certified Process Design Engineer Certification is a complementary certification that supports organizations involved in IT Service Management. The CPDE Certification course is five days and teaches students how to create or re-engineer durable IT Service Management processes. With the help of hands-on training and informative lectures, the CPDE Certification course will cover the following:

  • An introduction to the basics of IT Service Management
  • How to identify and analyze what customers require
  • Principles for quality management
  • How to define and document processes
  • How to identify process maturity
  • The steps necessary for process design and improvement
  • Tools and techniques needed for process design and improvement
  • How to generate important metrics
  • Management of organizational change
  • How to select and assess IT Service Management technologies

Once the Certified Process Design Engineer applicant has learned all of these, he or she will be able to contribute effectively to the improvement of ITSM processes in his or her organization. In addition, he or she will be empowered with the following bits of knowledge:

  • What process frameworks, standards, and maturity models are
  • What process elements, models, and deliverables are related to processes
  • How process requirements are gathered and analyzed
  • How to differentiate between developing, re-engineering, and improving processes
  • The roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in process design
  • How to create a process definition document
  • How to use flowcharting techniques
  • How to use automated tools within processes
  • How to create meaningful metrics and convert data into information
  • What concepts are linked to organizational Change Management

CPDE Certification Exam

On the last day of the course, participants who are interested in this CPDE Certification will sit through a 90-minute multiple choice, scenario-based exam. There is one prerequisite for the Certified Process Design Engineer Certification exam: a Foundation Certification in IT Service Management. This certification can be any of the following:

  • ITIL Foundation
  • ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation
  • MOF Foundation
  • CobiT Foundation

The exam is formally conducted and accredited by Loyalist Certification Services (LCS), which is also responsible for the ITIL V3 Certification exams. On successfully passing the CPDE Certification exam, candidates will receive 1.5 credits towards the ITIL V3 Expert Level of certification. Project Management Professionals will earn 38 contact hours or Professional Development Units (PDUs) for attending this course.

Knowing how processes interact is important. However with the IT world being so volatile, the need to know how to redefine processes is vital. So, for those who are in charge of improving their work processes, the CPDE Certification is a must.


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