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Can ITIL® Certification Really Increase Salaries?

ITIL Certification Pay RaiseA huge range of professionals earn ITIL® qualifications. Since this framework addresses issues throughout the entire business process, its lessons and principles apply to diverse IT and management occupations.

For those who decide to pursue continuing professional education, aiming for some form of ITIL Certification may offer a more reliable route to increased pay rates and heightened career leverage.

Looking at the Evidence in Salary Statistics

As of January 20, 2015, companies that advertised ITIL-related job positions offered average salaries around $80,000, according to SimplyHired. A closer examination of these statistics revealed that typical salaries varied for different jobs. For instance, service desk agents and support analysts came in at the lower end of the spectrum while certified consultants generally earned higher pay.This may reflect these individuals’ tendency to possess more qualifications.

From this, one can conclude that ITIL training is more lucrative for workers who pursue certification through the entire set of ITIL practices. In all likelihood, the consultants and project managers who command the highest salaries have gone way beyond what you’d expect from entry-level courses, like ITIL Awareness training.

As important as these knowledge areas are to subsequent progress, you must commit to ongoing, consistent self-development to realize career benefits.

Comparing Career Path Options

Individuals who want to improve their career knowledge can do so via any number of techniques. To really gauge the advantages of ITIL Certification and training, you have to compare it to the alternatives out in the industry.

So how does ITIL measure up against other common process-improvement frameworks? While systems like Six Sigma, TQM and CMMI are commonly employed in related fields, ITIL’s increasing popularity and specific focus on IT may make it better-suited to your career goals.

The $80,000 average salary SimplyHired gives for ITIL jobs drops to about $72,000 for Six Sigma jobs. While CMMI comes in slightly higher at $82,000, you have to consider the fact that ITIL’s foothold in Asian, American and European markets may give prospective job seekers more leeway to search for employment in their favored geographic regions.

Is ITIL Right for Me?

The way your career unfolds is going to be wholly unique, but some factors are fairly universal. You can’t deny the fact that ITIL is gaining favor in a range of industries; its techniques are so ubiquitous that many companies even employ them subconsciously.

With practically every major corporate entity employing bespoke networks and customized IT systems to take care of business, ITIL offers a readily adaptable, proven methodology. Naturally, job seekers with relevant skill sets find it easier to keep career options open.

To be as financially successful as possible, your training commitment will most likely be long-term, but that doesn’t mean you should lose time for other things. ITIL’s structured, modular organization lets you dive in at a pace you choose. The ability to build on your knowledge as you go ensures you can keep your training relevant.

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