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Calling ITSM Professionals for ITIL® OSA

As a manager, IT professional, or operational support employee who has attained an Information Technology Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) Foundation Certificate, you may be interested in advancing your career in the area of ITIL Operational Support and Analysis (OSA). ITIL OSA encompasses IT operational processes and activities including process execution, resolution, and support.

ITIL OSA Certification Components

With an ITIL OSA Certification, you can better prepare yourself for advancing technologies in Service Operation principles and potentially advance or change your career. With the world in a state of constant technical change, staying current with ITIL OSA is an important challenge for companies and enterprise organizations. Below are some components of the ITIL OSA training and certification process. You should expect to:

  • Develop an understanding in the importance of ITIL Operational Support and Analysis
  • Develop an understanding of ITIL OSA as a service provider
  • Learn the activities, methods, processes, and functions for Operational Support and Analysis
  • Understand how to achieve excellence in ITIL OSA
  • Measure ITIL OSA
  • Learn about the role of IT security in Operational Support and Analysis
  • Review ITIL OSA implementation processes
  • Understand the challenges and risks with ITIL OSA

By educating yourself in ITIL Operational Support and Analysis, you are better prepared for the future. With mobility, cloud computing and other advancing technologies continuing to change the online landscape, operations, security, and IT Service Management are critical to business goals and strategies for companies worldwide.

Who is the ITIL OSA Certification Designed For?

IT professionals with two-to-four years of professional experience in ITSM make the best candidates for this ITIL Intermediate Level Certification. If you are working in one of the following capacities, you might want to consider a training course that will lead to an ITIL® OSA Certification to further your career:


  • Availability
  • Configuration
  • IT Operations
  • Problem


  • Applications
  • Network
  • Network Control / Operation
  • System Software

ITIL OSA Certification Organizational Results

The beneficiary of the ITIL OSA Certification is the organization, but you as an individual will ultimately benefit as well. You gain the knowledge and skill set to pursue an advanced career while at the same time satisfying these critical goals for your company:

  • Deliver high value to the organization from mastering ITIL based processes. You help to minimize downtime so that staff can be more productive. The business is able to run more smoothly.
  • Establish priorities for IT Incidents and issues, which leads to superior customer service.
  • Identify and manage Incidents that affect productivity.
  • Improve the stability of operations with IT business strategies in place.
  • Reduce costs through streamlined processes, policies, and procedures.
  • Define roles and responsibilities for the Support Center and related IT staff.
  • Improve staff and customer satisfaction with a quality support model.

OSA has an extremely important impact on the operational processes and activities within an organization. These processes and activities include business continuity, availability of infrastructure, capacity planning, change configuration, deployments, financial information, and knowledge. You can be a part of this important role for an organization and make a difference.

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