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Business Relationship Management

Business Relationship Management is the Service Strategy process that is focused primarily on the maintenance of the relationship between the business and the client. The needs of existing and potential customers are identified, and the relevant services are developed and dispatched to meet those needs. The efficient handling of customer complaints to ensure successful and timely resolution falls within this process as well as administering customer satisfaction surveys.

This process seeks to ensure that the service provider is always aware of the needs of the existing customers and lays the foundation for new customers. Additionally, the relationship between the customer and the business is observed to determine if the existing services are meeting the customer’s needs or new services need to be created.

One of the activities in Business Relationship Management is identifying customer requirements.  This process is also responsible for signing customers up for basic services that are already offered. Please note that there will be not be any change in the support services that are already available to fulfill customer needs. Customers are then surveyed to determine if their needs are being met by the business. This is done to ensure the retention of their business and to mitigate any risk of loss to alternative service providers.

Business Relationship Management is responsible for properly documenting all interactions with end users, including customer complaints and compliments. In the cases of complaints, corrective actions are quickly dispatched to form solutions to those customer problems. There is also a monitoring system that continuously observes the processing of complaints, and if not effectively dealt with, appropriate measures will be taken.

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