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Building an Organizational Standard Around ITIL® Foundation Training

ITIL FoundationCorporate training programs have their limitations; in many cases, the need to bring large groups of individuals up to speed works against you because of scheduling problems and other logistics issues. Even worse, most workforce members have dissimilar backgrounds, so it’s difficult to unify their knowledge in a manner that permits them to communicate reliably.

While ITIL® Foundation training cuts through some of these problems, it’s only the beginning of the ITIL Certification scheme. Can it really serve as a comprehensive training program that allows your firm to move forward?

What’s in a Solid Foundation?

The Foundation qualification was designed to help students grasp the core disciplines that comprise the ITIL Framework. In addition to teaching people how to apply these fields to their own projects, good courses rely on case studies that make it easier to see how the abstract concepts involved in ITIL actually translate to purposeful business actions.

For instance, the very concept of an IT service is more complex than it initially seems to most newbies. Although services can incorporate programs tailored to the needs of users, they also include databases, websites and a host of other IT implementations. By teaching students how to think in common terms, Foundation courses that incorporate some form of structure increase the likelihood that they’ll actually utilize ITSM frameworks productively.

Branching Out in a Controlled Fashion

All ITIL students begin with the Foundations course. The structure of ITIL offers students the chance to choose their own path in terms of the types of subject-based learning modules they attempt to master. It’s important to manage the process of staff training to minimize non-uniform knowledge among your workforce.

Although ITIL is designed to bring businesses together, you can’t take its cohesive abilities for granted. It’s important to maintain control over the direction your organization follows as it moves forward, and the training you institute at the early stages is critical in helping you do so. Even at beginner levels, the most successful onsite IT training for businesses is tailored to the needs of the firm in question and reflective of its intended purpose.

Instituting a Training Regimen

Training isn’t just about discovering new knowledge; it’s also about turning said knowledge into something useful. This is especially important with ITSM frameworks like ITIL, where the skills you acquire translate directly to new business practices.

Starting your corporate education regimen with ITIL Foundation training is a great way to establish a reliable benchmark. By using these certifications to let your staff know what they’re expected to be familiar with, you help accustom them to a new way of thinking and a new way of training.

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